Death to Barney's

  1. I ordered some shoes for dervilfal last week on Wednesday, I believe. I just received a message stating they would not be shipped as they are out of stock. Bogus.

    I felt the need to vent somwhere.

    They were the Ruched Fan pump in Poudre for 260.
  2. Oh no, I`m sorry to hear that your orders get messed up so often! And the shoes would have een perfect! I saw dervilfal being all happy bout them in the other thread where Litigatrix posted pics of her pair. They`re TDF!
  3. Major Bummer!!! :cursing:

    You came to the right place to vent, kronik!
  4. What a bummer, I know how that feels (and its discounted quite substantially too). I've been eyeing that style also!
  5. If you're in LA or NY, you should go to Barney's. They have tons of shoes on sale. I heard so many bad things about their website. A lot of cancelled orders. Same as Neiman and Saks.
  6. It's ok sweetie , I still have the pretty nail polish for whenever we find the shoes :smile:
  7. I had that happen once before with a MJ bag, and then suddenly it was back in stock and on the way to me. You never know with them.
  8. Barney's has this thing where they don't like to keep their website updated and their customers informed. they have a bunch of things on sale on their websites that are listed at a certain price and in stock, but when i went to their stores they said they've increased the prices back up already because the demand was high for whatever it was.
  9. That happened to me a couple weeks ago with the bottega thong flats on the barney's website. I was so upset so I understand how you really stinks!

    One thing you can do is call any Barneys store with that item number and they can search all the stores.

    In my case they were all sold out but I found them online on another website for less so it all worked out! I hope it does for you too!

    Another idea is to call a bottega boutique and see if they have them. I believe shoes are 50% off so the price should be similar.
  10. I just had them e-mail me that BOTH the dress and the shoes I ordered are out of stock (note- non-BV items but felt compelled to share my angst.) One item, ok. Both items, super-annoying. Way less inclined to buy from them again.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's a sin to talk bad about barneys...LOL. sorry that happened, gucci has pulled that acouple times with me. guess it just wasn't meant to be.
  12. I think we're done with barneys - we've had multiple issues both in store (C:huh:p stores), and on the website. Their staff is either unable to make things right, or unwilling to - either way - we can spend our money elsewhere!
  13. Also call Woodbury Commons BV Outlet -- I think they have lots of shoes now too!