Death of the Louis Vuitton GM bag?

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  1. Ok so far I know of three GM size bags (Artsy, Bloomsbury & Odeon) that are being discontinued Why? Poor sales? Too large to be practical? Any others on the chopping block?
  2. Please add the Galliera GM to that list. I don't know why they're being discontinued but I love my two Galliera GM's.
  3. The only GM I have is the Delightful but I'm thinking maybe those bags are too big and maybe not as much sales as MM sizes?
  4. But I think lv should keep them as a choice to consumer. It adds to variation and the gm size allows these bags to be used as a bigger handbag or overnight handbags. Also odeon gm is very pretty !
  5. my bloombury GM isn't that BIG tbh
  6. The Saleya GM was put on the chopping block a long while ago.....
  7. I agree :smile:
  8. If the bags are not selling there is no financial reason for any company to keep an item for sale. And LV continuously keeps releasing new designs. At some point they have to cut older designs from their line up.
  9. Oh no! I want the Galliera GM as my Christmas bag! (Christmas gift to myself). I better get it before its gone.
  10. I think stresa is gone too. Frown.
  11. I love my Bloomsbury GM! It's not so huge and perfect for travel. The Evora is way bigger than the BGM!
  12. I understand business decisions to eliminate bags that do not sell but perhaps they are need to take into consideration that there are customers out there that will only purchase GM size bags . I'm quite certain that not all GM bags are poor sellers so it does not make good business sense to eliminate an entire group of customers who can certainly go to other designers to find the bag they need
  13. Wow, several other bags on the chopping block that I didn't know about!
  14. When I went to the LV store this weekend, I talked to the SA about how small the Empriente speedy was. She said that LV has had a lot of complaints about how big their bags were and it was probably why the Speedy was released as a 25. I didn't know the GMs were being discontinued but it seems like it would fall under the same reasoning.
  15. Agreed! And I wanted the Odeon GM. Was discontinued right before I went to make my purchase. :sad: