Death of baby w/pacifier taped to face unexplained....

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    I think this is irresponsible. She's a 19 yr old mother.


    EVERETT, Wash. - No cause has been established for the death of a baby whose mother had taped a pacifier to his face, and she probably will not be prosecuted for murder or manslaughter, Snohomish County prosecutors say.
    Bonnie M. Desmond, 19, of Lake Stevens, was charged with first-degree manslaughter after Noah James Petersen, 4 months, was found dead in his crib June 18. She told investigators she used a couple of strips of transparent tape to hold a pacifier in the baby's mouth to help him get to sleep.
    The charge was dismissed in early July because the case had not been brought to Snohomish County Superior Court within the deadline to meet a speedy trial requirement.
    Subsequently, the county medical examiner's office determined the pacifier had nothing to do with the infant's death, Deputy Prosecutor Craig Matheson said.
    "The medical examiner can't explain the child's death," Matheson said. "Certainly there's no manslaughter. The chance of us filing any criminal charge is slim."
    He said he would meet with detectives to determine whether a lesser charge would be warranted.
    Desmond would not comment and her lawyer, Karen Ann Halverson of Everett, said Thursday she had not been told that her client would not be prosecuted on manslaughter or murder charges.
    "If that's the case, I'm happy to hear that. I'm relieved," Halverson said.
    "It's always tragic when a child dies," Halverson added.
    Desmond's father, Rick Desmond, said she was especially unhappy that she could not attend her baby's funeral because she was in jail and was barred from even listening to the eulogy by cellular telephone.
    "She feels a lot of things connected with this were unfair," he said. "I think she would rather that this just go away."
  2. who the friggin hell tapes a pacifier to a baby's mouth to help him get to sleep? Even my 5 year old cousin knows better than that!
  3. ummm...and she couldn't hold him and the pacifier until he fell asleep because....?
  4. wow, this is so ridiculous. how the f*** could you do that???
  5. I think she definitely made a not-so-wise decision when she thought it was ok to put tape over the kids mouth & pacifier.

    Now she " wishes that this would all just go away..."???!?!
  6. Disgusting and sad.:sad: A life over before it even began...:crybaby:
  7. taping a pacifier?? Being 19 is no excuse for doing that.
  8. Unfortunately this decision is a sad trend in this state. I predict at some point in time this same girl will neglect or abuse another child with tragic results. It's happened before here with others. Of course when it happens repeatedly everyone screams about how the system failed.
  9. Im 14 and I know that isnt right.
    Sad what kind of people live in this world sometimes.

    On a brighter note:
    i LOVE your SIGNATURE!
    thats exactly how i feel in my geometry class!!
  10. gosh that's horrible. She SHOULD be charged with murder, wtf was she thinking.
  11. Unreal....and nothing is being done about this...Pathetic.
  12. If you read the article, it said that the pacifier was not the cause of death, so they don't know what killed the child. It could have been SIDS. So I think it's unfair to call this woman a murderer.

    Now, it is terrible that she taped the pacifier to the child's mouth, but it didn't kill him. Perhaps now she'll think before getting knocked up, because she can't handle a crying child. And maybe this will bring more awareness to young people having children before they are prepared to deal with it. C'mon ladies, it's called birth control...
  13. Once again, irresponsible. Kids having kids, what a shame. Sorry to all the great young mothers out there, these little morons give you a bad reputation! I have 4 friends who had their kids very early, 17-19 2 are great mothers...but then theres those 2 that just dont know what the hell they are doing:cursing:.

    Im glad that her actions were not the CAUSE of death, and I hope they do find out what happened. But that doesnt change the fact that she was sooo irresponsible to have TAPED a pacifier to a baby's face. Thats just DUMB. She should at least be charged with child abuse, shouldnt she??
  14. My husband has an aunt who adopted all of her children. 2 of them are actual brother and sister. They were saved from an extremely abusive home. The brother told their new mom and his little sister had a pacifier taped in her mouth for the first 3 years of her life. She now has teeth and speech issues. Very sad.
  15. Why couldn't the baby breathe out of it's nose? Seems suspicious to me.