Death of a President

  1. The movie depicts the death of President Bush.

    Link to the trailer:
    YouTube - Death of a President - Movie Trailer

    I'm not a fan of President Bush but I personally think this movie is sick. Your thoughts?
  2. i'm really interested in seeing this movie.
    i just read about this film on a magazine. the director said if the killing of bush is considered sick, then what about all the killings and bloods on any other movies.
  3. I think it's sick too. Apparently they've superimposed his actual face onto the actor so that it is super realistic. No one did this with President Clinton and I remember a lot of hate for him too (although I was a lot younger then and not into politics, I still remember). I think it will just give an out let for those who hate him so much that they'd love to see this actually happen and that is unhealthy.

    It's not just about being violent or bloody, I'm not opposed to violent movies in general. But to create a movie about a CURRENT sitting president being executed is just crass. I hope the secret service is on the lookout for any nuts who think this movie should be carried out in real life.
  4. I totally agree with you. I will not watch this movie.
  5. I would like to see this film first before I make any judgement.
  6. I wouldn't pay money to see this type of movie. I don't find it offensive, though. I think it's one of those "What would happen if . . . ?" type movies.

    I don't like that man and have no respect for him, but as a human being I don't wish that on him, not even for a minute.

    They did do a movie about the assassination of John F. Kennedy (JFK) and they're about to release one about the assassination of Robert Kennedy (Robert).
  7. It's going to be aired in the UK this week. I'm no fan of Bush but I can imagine he must have felt as if droves of people were walking over his grave!
  8. what date is it going to be aired here ? Is it on channel 4 ?. I think I will watch it but it is sick, its trying to be too controversial.
  9. Apologies, Ive just found it.

    Death of a President

    Mon 9 Oct 2006 9pm; rpt Fri 13 Oct 9pm
    Set in the near future, the drama imagines the assassination of George W Bush and examines America's reaction to it.

    The feature-length film is shockingly real and uses archive footage and documentary techniques to great effect.

    It is October 2007 and US foreign and domestic policies have polarised the country's electorate. Arriving in Chicago to make a speech to business leaders, the President is confronted by a massive anti-war demonstration. Unperturbed, Bush goes ahead with the visit. But as he leaves the venue he is gunned down by a sniper.

    While a nation mourns, the hunt for his killer swings into action and the state apparatus tries to make sense of this horrific attack on the administration. The investigation soon focuses on a Syrian-born man, Jamal Abu Zikri.

    Death of a President is a gripping drama that explores the administration's responses to 9/11 and is inspired by the real-life experiences of those caught up in the 'War on Terror'.