Death of a Fake

  1. Back in Jan., my oldest daughter was given a fake Soho Signature Flap in Black by a friend for my daughter's 16th b-day. Both my daughter & I knew it was a fake immediately (I didn't even have to get close or touch it) The fabric felt wrong, it was pleather instead of leather, C's didn't line up, and it came with a fake dustbag too, which was the right color but wrong fabric. My daughter didn't want to hurt her friend's feelings, so has been carrying this fake (to my absolute horror).

    I did contact the mom of the other girl because the girl firmly did believe the bag to be real and I wanted the mom to know that her daughter had been scammed (the girl was carrying the same purse in brown). Anyhow, educated the other mom, told her my daughter loved the purse and didn't want her daughter to feel bad, etc.

    So, at PCE, told my daughter, "If I let you pick out a replacement bag, will you trade me the fake for a real one?" She of course said "yes!". So, she got the Soho Signature Small Hobo in Black (her first Coach handbag - she has some accessories) and I got her fake. I took red nail polish and wrote "FAKE" on the front and back and put nail polish on the pleather strap so no dumpster diver would take it and sell it.

    Boy - did that feel good to get rid of that purse!!
  2. Love the title of the thread.
    LOL@what you did to the fake. That is so funny.
    What did the mother say to you when you told her about the fake?
  3. LOL that is to funny!!!
    What a great way to put a bag in it's place.
  4. The mom was very nice. Her and I have talked before and have a decent relationship, so I thought it would go ok and it did. She asked me how I knew it was a fake, so I went through with her the things to look for on a signature bag. I also sent her the link to the group against International Counterfeiting and to the drill down so she could see the # on the creed was the # to a mini skinny, not a purse.

    She told me their pastor's daughter has been selling these purses, and that the pastor's daughter and her parents also thought they were real. She was going to talk to the mom of that girl to let them know what was going on. All these young girls getting scammed just makes me so angry! [​IMG] I HATE counterfeits!!!!
  5. Too funny-
  6. Lol! Great idea.
  7. You need to post a picture of that purse. It would be hilarious.

    I hate fakes and people who sell fakes as the real deal!
  8. you have a very considerate daughter! i'm glad she has a bag I'm sure she will treasure
  9. It was still in the inside trash can, so here ya go!


  10. Thanks! I think so!
  11. Wow!!! That's great!
  12. That's absolutely hilarious and awesome!!!! :o)
  13. Yes, your daughter is a good girl. She still appreciated the gift and carried it anyway!

    I love that picture of the's soooo bad!
  14. so ummm urrrr...i kinda sorta like the way the writing looks with nail polish kindaaa artsy hehehe i mena i dont like the thought of it being fake or anything but hmmmm what if i jazzed one of my bags up hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    hehe but your cute and i love the way u carried out justice!
  15. LOL - I beg you, do not jazz up your bags with paint or nail polish! I've seen some on eBay where a seller has painted a picture on their leather coach bags and they also deserve a funeral.