Dearly Departed....

  1. What are you all planning for your bags when you are gone?

    I was thinking about this and it's an overwhelming thought because I have no one close who shares my love for bags. I have offered to buy my Sister a "good" bag and she refuses. She just isn't into it. So I wonder what will happen to them when I am gone.

    I just told my Husband to offer my closest friends and Sister a bag to choose. I am sure my Sister and Neice would want a bag of mine because they know what they mean to me. And of course my friends would take one...

    Kind of a morbid thought but some of us have sizeable collections....
  2. My daughter will turn my current LV's, Gucci, Celine, Fendi...into her "vintage" collection and think of me fondly.
  3. My plan is to leave them to my daughter, but she's just a toddler so don't know yet if bags will be of interest to does help to rationalize a purchase sometimes as an heirloom, though- haha!
  4. I haven't bought any bag with a thought to their future value; I buy them because I love them. My daughter is a toddler now so I don't know if she will even be interested in handbags when she grows up. I imagine my daughter and DILs will go through my collection, take what interests them and donate the rest!
  5. I have 3 sons, no sisters and not even a sister in law! I'll have to wait for some grand-daughters or daughters-in-law I suppose but seeing as my sons are 5yrs (twins) and 2yrs old I've got a LONG wait so I'd just better not die any time soon!
  6. well i don't have any children but if i had to say, it would probably be to a daughter that i hopefully have in the future.

    i have enough great friends that would definately love to have a piece of the collection, and if gayman is alive and around when i pass on, i'm sure he'll pass them out accordingly ;) hehe
  7. I currently don't have any kids, but if I have a daughter, she'd get a helluva handbag collection.

    It's funny, because I have had a few people (non-relatives) ask to have my bags in the event of LOL!
  8. ^^^ I agree, mine will probably all go to my non-existent daughter!
  9. Omg, what a morbid thought :sad: My one & only daughter will have all my bags, if she wishes she can give one or two to my sons wife at that time but that will be up to her.
  10. Funny, I've been thinking about this. I lost my mother a year and a half ago, and had to go through her things, so it has made me wonder what will happen when my family has to go through MY things. My daughter thinks my bags are hideous -- if it isn't from Gap or American Eagle or Abercrombie, she isn't remotely interested. My daughter in law has more high brow taste, but she wouldn't like most of them either. I told my husband a couple of nights ago that I can foresee the day when all my stuff -- including my lovely bags -- will be stuffed into trash bags and sent to Goodwill, with my loving family not having the first clue what they're giving away. Since I can't tolerate that thought, I think I will just have to live to be an ancient old woman with plent of time to wear her bags to shreds!:death:
  11. I already told my sister she can have all my bags. My daughter is only 11 months so I didn't even consider her. My mother in-law is always asking me for a bag, but she always complains I spend too much money on them so she won't be getting any. I'm glad I'm not the only morbid one. I've also considered giving one of my gucci's to a good friend of mine who doesn't have one.
  12. My 4 year old daughter will probably get them way before my demise. I'll just pass them along when she becomes more and more responsible.
  13. I have made sure that my teenage son and daughter are aware of the worth of my bag collection.

    I have a small file envelope with all of the info on my bags, style name, tags, invoices, price paid, retail price along with a pic of the bag.

    Whether they decide to actually keep them (my daughter will want some I suspect), but who knows. At least they know the value of each, style name, etc, so if they wish to sell them, they are armed with the right info.
  14. Whoa...ladysalesrep, I am amazed at your organizational skills. Impressive!
  15. right now, i do not have anyone to leave my beloved handbag collection... i'm sure if i pass on, my mom and sisters would have first dibs... if not, my husband will probably have a garage sale or donate them at the salvation army...

    oh my gosh, this is so depressing :sad: