Dearly Beloved We Are Gathered Here Today...

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
^LOL! Im looking at a matching bag for my wallet too..Except the bag I want is 2450..sniff...LOL! How much did this one cost you?

Bwwwaahahahaha: I stole it for $1070! Can I shop or can I shop? :devil:

BTW, how is PT going? Hope your back is much better.

OMG, PT is horrible, boxermom! I go in and get a 20 minute massage, followed by 20 minutes of ultrasound, followed by 20 minutes of electromuscular stimulation all done on a nice soft table in a darkened room. It's just SHEER hell! :roflmfao:

But seriously, I was given some stretching exercises that I do at home twice a day. That in combination with my HORRIBLE PT sessions twice a week seem to be helping a lot. I'm getting better, too slowly at times, but better. I actually slept through the night last night for the first time in two months!! Thanks for asking! :heart: