Dearly Beloved We Are Gathered Here Today...

  1. I am SO dead when DH sees this. But ain't she purty? :yahoo:
    antikcervoprada1.jpg antikcervoprada.jpg
  2. You have fabulous taste:yes:
  3. Great purchase!congrats!
  4. OMG it's stunning! Congratulations.

    Just tell DH: "It's not new. I've had it for a while." Always works for me... :supacool:
  5. Love it!!! I'm perpetually in the doghouse w/ my phh. I am dreading when he opens the bills...last month I had tons of shopping to do for everyone (including myself;) )
  6. You have a matching set now, sweet! I love the leather and the color on this line, so unique and special.

    Congrats & enjoy. =)
  7. i love that leather!!

  8. :yes: That's why I HAD to have this bag!! It's the perfect companion for my antik cervo zip wallet. :love:

    Thanks everybody!:flowers:
  9. ^LOL! Im looking at a matching bag for my wallet too..Except the bag I want is 2450..sniff...LOL! How much did this one cost you?
  10. I love the antik cervo leather! Congrats, Prada. My niece has the large bag (2 straps) in this finish and it's her all time favorite bag. Enjoy it!:love:

    BTW, how is PT going? Hope your back is much better.

  11. Bwwwaahahahaha: I stole it for $1070! Can I shop or can I shop? :devil:

    OMG, PT is horrible, boxermom! I go in and get a 20 minute massage, followed by 20 minutes of ultrasound, followed by 20 minutes of electromuscular stimulation all done on a nice soft table in a darkened room. It's just SHEER hell! :roflmfao:

    But seriously, I was given some stretching exercises that I do at home twice a day. That in combination with my HORRIBLE PT sessions twice a week seem to be helping a lot. I'm getting better, too slowly at times, but better. I actually slept through the night last night for the first time in two months!! Thanks for asking! :heart:
  12. How did you get it THAT CHEAP????ROFL?
  13. ^^^Bluefly pricing and a Missedyou106 15% off code. It's $1569 at Styledrops!! :rochard:

    Speaking of which, did you get your new gloves yet?
  14. Beautiful bag! I LOVE the colors, so rich!
  15. Ooooo and the leather is so soft and smooshy, Swank. Just like butta! I think I'll go bury my face in it again! :tender: