Dear Ulrika Jonsson, I guess Nothings Changed, Your Still Showing Your Ass

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  1. [​IMG]It was the poster that adorned the bedroom walls of many teenage boys in the Seventies. Now Ulrika Jonsson has recreated the famous image of the young tennis girl flashing part of her bottom while perched at the net.
    And although she wasn't carrying a tennis racket or wearing regulation whites, the similarity was unmistakable. Jonsson, 39, pulled the cheeky stunt while arriving at Closer magazine's 4th birthday party held at Pangaea Club in Piccadilly.
  2. OMG. I bet she is dying that her cellulite is on display for the world to see!!
  3. oh wow..i don't have the words.
  4. :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao:....that's too funny! I was thinking the same thing.
  5. That must be so embarrassing...
  6. it just me, or does that look DEFINATELY purposeful? somehow i just don't think she minds that much. cellulite and all.

    i must say...she looks pretty darn good for being nearly fourty. if i looked like that, i probably wouldn't mind either.
  7. she is definitely the sort to do this on purpose lol. She has nothing else to promote, so she may as well get her ass out ;)

    not the most flattering shot either, but to me, she definitely knew what she was doing :confused1:

    Her poor son, who is now at junior school, must be soooo proud :rolleyes:
  8. Gross!!!
  9. oh geezee.. that is
  10. she needs to get over herself. yawn.
  11. why would she do that? that could not have been an accident
  12. Gross cellulite! (I have loads on my arse too) Nice legs though.
  13. I think its kinda funny!
  14. ok, kinda slow here, but is that her in the tennis poster as well?
  15. no, that Tennis Player poster was an iconic picture from the 70's. The pose has been copied many times since. Most, more sucessfully than this one ;)

    She is reknown for her loose morals, she is abit of a tart! :biggrin: