Dear TPFers, need your advice for my first chanel!

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  1. Hi tpfers, I have been loving the Chanel Cf for a long time and finally I decided to buy one! I went to local Chanel boutique and felt so lucky they have the m/l size in stock.

    I tried on both gold and silver hardware, personally I like the silver hardware but SA told me more people go for gold hardware because it gives a more mature look. With that said, I am in my mid 20s but I plan to use this bag for a long time, so do you girls think I should buy the cf with gold hardware? Thank you in advance! :smile:

  2. Nope!!! Get the silver hardware because you like it!! YOU like it! :smile: Who cares what other people get? I have all my Chanels in silver hardware because I like silver and I will continue to wear it regardless of age.
  3. Agreed! You can always get a bag with gold hardware later. Won't be your last chanel 😜
  4. Definitely go with the one that you love the most!!!!
  5. Thanks everyone! Silver it is then!
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    Who wants to look mature in their mid 20's? That might be a bad choice of words as a sale tactic. I'm well past my 20's and I still don't want a mature look, LOL:roflmfao:

  7. I guess she wanted to say that gold is more classic and I can use it for a long time? I don't know, i will go for silver :smile: I agree with everyone in this thread, need to choose the one you really like!
  8. Definitely choose what YOU like. That's the way to go! When I was your age I liked silver more too. :smile: Congrats! So young and already with a first Chanel! Wow!
  9. I agree! Buy the silver one!
  10. Since you are spending the money, buy a silver one.
  11. Silver!
  12. Definitely get the one that caught your eye and makes you happiest. It makes the experience more special and don't let a SA talk you into gold just bc of her/his own opinion. You can always get gold later on from them or even pre-owned.
  13. I just dont understand when people say "Gold is a mature look" or "the bag color doesn't match with my skin tone" LMAO! Seriously.

    Buy what you like. Good luck.

  14. Agree! The skin tone comment always grinds my gears.

    Go for silver of that is what you like!!
  15. always get what speaks to you more. down the line, you may want to get a gold one, but for now stick with the silver.