Dear TPFers, I need help with Goat Skin Leather..

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  1. I am considering to get a goatskin 32 HAC, and I found most of HAC goatskin is Chevre de Coromandel. My SA told me this leather is no longer offer in 2009 for Birkin or HAC but it is available with SO. He suggested me go with Mangolone. But I was told by a friend of mine that Chevre Mangolone leather does not look pretty as Coromandel and also it is softer than Chevre de Coromandel.

    I did some research here and found some Goatskin HAC pics, I knew with Coromandel leather, there is a line in the middle of the front surface of the bag - this is the main reason I can't decide to go with Cormandel as I haven't get used to it yet. Ladies who has the bag in this leather, what do you feel with this line? Maybe your idea can help me accept the looking of this leather. :smile:

    Which leather should I choose? Could you please give me any idea? Is there anyone has a bag in Mangolone leather? Could you please post any closer picture which can show the detail of the leather?

  2. This is a very personal choice.

    The spine can be pronounced on some bags and more subtle on others. I suppose if you don't care for the look of the spine you should not purchase chevre coromandel. I do know some people who don't care for the spine purchase mangalore and they are much happier.

    As for which is prettier...again, that is a personal choice and it also depends on each piece of leather.

    I will see if I can find you some pictures to post here.
  3. Thanks Kellybag. :hugs:
    As I never see a mangalore leather, so I have no idea what it looks like.
  4. doudou - the line you are seeing in Cherve is the spine of the goat. Try a search on "spine" and you will find some pics.

    Some owners find this spine very appealing and somewhat prized. Others find it a little to "natural" for their taste. It is very much personal preference.

    Just to help with your searching the other term to look for is "mangalore" not mangalone. HTH
  5. Thanks Handybags! :tender:
  6. My pleasure. It seems I cross posted with the lovely KB.

    The spine also seems to be more obvious in different colours, so do bear that in mind too.
  7. [​IMG]

    Photo courtesy of member Ranag (from our reference section)
    Maybe she can chime in about her bag in mangalore.
  8. Thank Kellybag, this picture really helps!

    Do you think that Mangalore looks more floppy than Coromandel? I want a bag looks stiff and firm, does that mean that Coromandel should be better choice for me?
  9. I've heard, I believe from MrsSparkles, that the chevre mangalore is softer than coromandal, but not as slouchy as togo or clemence. I have yet to feel either, but my preference would be for coromandel because of the spine.
  10. I found this two pics on the other thread named "All Hail the HAC"

    this pic credits to H_addict, it is really a pretty HAC I ever saw.


    And this one belongs to mrssparkles


    The spine on these two bags look much much more better than the one I saw in Beverly Hills store last week, that one really looks terrible!
    My question is, is this the normally looking of the spine on Coromandel leather bag? If it is, this is what I can acceptable. It doesn't bother me at all if spine shows on Birkin/HAC like this.
  11. Thanks ouija board, actually I want Coromandel more than Mangalore. But I just saw a 28cm HAC in Beverly Hills store with ugly spine in front of the bag, it makes me more hesitate with this leather.
  12. doudou it is so hard to say as it varies IMO from skin to skin. It's a bit like ordering togo (veinless vs veins) you don't know what you're going to get until it comes.
  13. ic, tks. :yes:
  14. dou.dou, that picture of H_addict's fuschia HAC is my absolute favorite, and I absolutely love how the spine looks on that bag! So what was it about the spine on the bag in Beverly Hills that was ugly (shape, symmetry?)--just wondering because I have a bag that I believe is chevre mangalore (SA did not specify but from info here, I assumed coromandel was not available) on order, and I'm hoping it looks like MrsSparkles' bag.