DEAR SANTY CLAUS...I want ______ for Christmas!!!

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  1. Thanks to cftf for posting this on the Hermes forum! I thought this would be fun for us to do here. I will start (by cheating and posting what I wrote on that forum! hehe...but it is about COACH so no worries!)
    Basically, just tell Santa how good you have been this year and what you want for Christmas!!!!

    Dear Santa,
    I have really tried this year! I finally finished college, which I am sure you are glad to see. After my mom almost ruined my wedding, I didn't retaliate like I really wanted to, and then my doggie got really sick and we spent our hard earned savings on her, so now we can't do anything fun until after we get back from Iraq in 2010. I am just glad she is doing okay now, but I 'm still scared that she will relapse and need medication which we will have to scrape by to get.
    I was pretty bad because I wanted all this nice know, expensive jeans and handbags and I held out on buying most of it, but then I thought 'well I deserve something' so I would get it, which probably was the wrong attitude to have. But I'm trying, here.
    I've kinda stopped thinking about anything because I see how good my husband is being, and I should probably try to follow his example. I've forgotten about most of the stuff I want, but there are two things from Coach that I really really would like to have and then I will stop for a little while: a Black leather large Carly and an all brown signature ergo hobo. See? I don't even want the biggest and most expensive things in the store. Just ones that will hold me over. Heck I would even take a Bleecker capacity wristlet in all wine leather, wine/khaki sig or brown sig. I even tried to forget about the little things from Hermes that I have been wanting. I can't ask my family for those things because they don't believe in expensive presents unless they are things like a computer. So, Santa, it is all up to you buddy! But if not, I understand!

    Love, Candace:heart:
  2. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    pretty please?
  3. Please?! I have been very good this year, I PROMISE!!!!!

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  4. Dear Santa:

    It's been quite a year! I got married, got a new job, bought my first home, and started graduate school. I've been really good this year and I'm sure my husband would agree. Perhaps you two could team up this year and get me the following:

    [​IMG]Coach Ergo Medium Hobo in Plum (Macy's still has it)
    [​IMG]Coach Tattersall Beauty Case
    [​IMG]Coach BCRF Heart Charm

    See, I don't want that much...:angel:
  5. Dear Santa,
    I would love a pair of the Daisey pumps and a scarf! Ooh and maybe an Ergo tote. :flowers:
  6. Hey Santa baby! :graucho:

  7. I want a large Angora Carly! Come on Santa! :nuts:

  8. Oh Santa! I forgot this!!
  9. lol you guys are a trip... well i wanted the magenta bleeker.. but its officially sold out
  10. (Sings to tune of "Santa Baby")

    Santa Baby, so give me a new Carly tonight ;]

    I'll leave you cooooooookies & milk =]
  11. Dear Santa:

    Although you know I try very hard to be very good all year it happens very rarely and, yet, you still bring me things!

    So ... since I've been a lot more good than bad...let's just go for broke (pun intended wink wink)


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  12. Oh I also want those new tennis shoes that are black sig with cheetah print on the inside!
  13. Voodoo! You and I have such alike taste in our bags. Let me tell ya, you will love the patchwork Carly if you get her. See I have one too!:nuts:

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  14. Dear Santa,

    I'd LOVE a medium chocolate Carly.

    Teehee... My grandmother just bought me that bag for my Christmas gift today!

    Now I just have to wait ... 43 days.
  15. Dear Santa Claus,