Dear Santa...

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  1. Found this on the LV forum so thought I'd start it here.

    Dear Santa-

    I promise I have been good all year, I know I've gone through alot of bags but it was a trial and error conquest :rolleyes:. I really really REALLY want a Jumbo Caviar flap in BLUE or Black with silver hardware:shame: for Christmas- well- you can combine it as a Birthday/Christmas present because my birthday is December 23;):yes:.

    :heart: Alaska
  2. Love this!
    Dear Santa: Please ship a Chanel pre-Fall/Winter 2007 wool jersey beret to Canada. The SAs say that Canada won't be getting any in and eBay doesn't have them. Please perform a Christmas miracle.
    Love, Glamazon Huntress
  3. (this is so fun! :graucho:)

    dearest Santa,

    i would love and really hope to get a blush patent jumbo flap and the S/S '07 round gradient sunnies for Christmas this year. they are hard to find and are all gone, i need a miracle :sad: Santa oh Santa, i've been a good girl, :angel: this year has started off terribly and it has only gotten better sometime back, i really hope to have a remarkable end to this sad year with a precious smile on my face. ;)

    please santa please, will you make my wish come true? :wondering

    with lots of love, Cher :heart:
  4. Dear Santa,

    Please could you ask your elves to hunt me down a purple flap please.

    Please, please please, I have been a good girl (honest ;))
  5. Dear Santa,

    I have been a good girl this year. Please bring me a grey reissue and camillia bracelet. Please please please!
  6. Dear Santa,

    I have too many wishes to list, but could you please make sure Chanel doesn't increase their prices anymore for a whole year?!

    Thank you,
    Been a good girl
  7. Dear Santa,
    I have been a good girl. Please help me find a dark gold reissue. Also please send me a 2008 purple reissue.
    This is fun!!!!!
  8. Dear Santa-
    I have been as good as I ever am capable of being this past year. Would you please please please grant me Larkie's closet? I promise I will go on a shopping bag for an entire year!

  9. LOL! I agree!!! :roflmfao:
  10. Dear Santa,
    Can you find/bring me the 06' dark gold reissue!!!!!!!:sad:
  11. Dear Santa,

    I have been an extremely good girl this year:angel: For christmas I want: A medium bowler, a black classic flap, Jumbo Patent Flap in Blush w/ silver hardware, and a GST. Pretty please, santa baby. And in return I will leave you the best cookies you've ever tasted!

    me ;)
  12. This is cute!

    Santa, I would like a purple caviar flap with silver hw and old chain, a blue fonce caviar flap with silver hw, and a long black and white pearl necklace with a few CC's on it :tender::tender::tender:
  13. Dear Santa

    I am sooo in love with the colour of your suit and in honour of you I would be willing to wear a red bag everywhere! You have to understand to make sure everyone sees it (in your honour of course) it would have to be a red jumbo and I feel the silver chain would do you more justice so if you could find one for me I would wear it for you!

    I shall dust the chimney down in eager anticipation
  14. Dear Santa,
    I know you've been watching, so I know that you know I've gotten more than my usual share of bags this year... but, apart from that you know I've been really good. So for XMas, can you please bring me some Chanel tweed jackets (one each in black, brown, navy and red). While you're at it, can you find some reissues in bordeaux and dark silver too? I know you can pull some miracles.... Those should cover my b-day gift as well so I won't bug you until next year, I promise. ;)

    Thank you Santa, I'll always be grateful,
  15. Dear Santa,

    Medium black caviar hybrid
    Black cerf
    Large red lambskin reissue
    Beige caviar e/w
    Grey Camelia long wallet
    Those black sunnies ldldb wears in her avatar

    Bring me all these or get no cookies!