Dear Santa, Please send me........

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  1. As its coming round to that time of year, thought we should have a thread for our Dear Santa letters.
    So lets see what everyone wants this year for can be anything

    Dear Santa,

    I have been a "sort of" good girl this year, please could I have a Fendi Wisteria Limited Edition spy bag, lots of chocolates, and a work out machine to get rid of the weight I put on eating all the chocolates and yummy food over christmas.

    Thank you
  2. This isn't really in the Fendi spirit, but I would like santa to bring me some Chanel classic pearls (with gold hardware!) and some awesome calf-high chanel quilted boots :tup:
  3. Saich - What a brilliant idea!!! I need to think about what I want for Christmas. I haven't thought that far yet. :p
  4. Really think if Santa (husbands) have any sense they will be on here looking what everyone
  5. Dear Santa - Please bring me a small Fendi De Jour bag in the zucca hair calf. Jomashop cancelled my order after they could not find it in their warehouse. Hugs to Mrs. Claus and the elves. :angel:
  6. Dear Santa,

    Please bring me a new husband that isn't against me buying purses. Or at least give my hubby a better attitude about it. After that, please get me a velvet squirrel spy.
  7. Dear Santa,

    Please stop my husband from enabling me by saying:
    "if that's what you want, then I think you should get it :tup:"

    -- knowing full well that I have my own money to buy it with and expecting me to do so...kind of makes it hard to buy gifts for each other...:push:

    :heart: Oh well! Maybe we will just sit under the Mistletoe this XMAS.... :love:
  8. Dear Santa,

    I have been pretty good this year and you know how good girls need good bags to carry their good stuff. This year, please send me the brilliant floral couture spy. The pink velvet and the floral motif reminds me of the garden of my dreams. Some delectable chocolates are always nice too. In fact, I'd be willing to share them with Saich, however, we would really like some spies of our own. Thank you!

    :heart: BL
  9. Great thread! 5 out of 5! Thanks Saich!

    Like Lit this is very Fendi. Santa I would love more Chanel... The pearl necklace and a nice black caviar tote would be good starting points.
  10. Dear Santa,

    Please oh pretty please send me a blueberry spy! I have been drooling over this bag for the longest time. I will be the happiest woman on the planet!!
  11. Dear Santa... Well i guess I will just have to make do with every other bag the girls have not mentioned above (it's a hard scarifice to make but someone will have to take the hundreds of leftovers):shrugs:

    .... and don't forget to throw in the matching shoes (I am a 39).

  12. Since I got my bb spy I haven't any desire for anything . Thats one of the reasons I didn't post in this thread. I can't believe there's absolutly nothing I want/need at this point for Christmas though you guys are giving me ideas:lol:
  13. ^ Lucky!! I've been drooling over that spy for the past few months. I hope to find one soon.
  14. Good choice, I love mine:tup:
  15. Dear Santa,

    Please bring me a cognac Fendi embossed leather chef. Also, while you're here, can you and the elves do a cleaning overhaul on my house?

    Thanks - don't forget the windows! :winkiss: