Dear Santa: Here's What I'D Like for Christmas....

  1. Okay, both my kids get to write to Santa. I may be 51, but damnit, there's stuff I want too. Who the H*** am I supposed to write to??? Here I go, serious and not-so-serious and totally and utterly uncensored...

    This Christmas, I'D like:

    * Two weeks by myself to just sleep, eat, drink, read and do exactly what I'D like to do without worrying about anyone else's schedule or needs, but you have to work it so that I don't feel at ALL guilty about leaving my kids or dearest, sweetest husband behind..

    * an '05 Turk Work

    * Mathew McConaughey to buy a f***ing shirt and some sunscreen, lose the surfboard and find a cause! Seriously, how many times do we have to see him with his shirt off? He's not that hot, his hair is weird and this guy needs a life. C'mon...Clooney's got Dafur, Damon's got climate change, Pitt has New Orleans, Jolie's got the U.N.....and you've got sand in your shorts. WTF? Do something interesting or worthwhile or get the HELL out of People Magazine!

    * Another year of being cancer free. This constant worrying is NOT my style and I'm boring myself.

    * Continued good health, academic success and happiness for my 2 indescribably wonderful girls.

    * Someone to "let go" our nanny. I love her to DEATH, but the kids are 11 & 13 and she's been with us for 13 years. THE HOUSE CAN'T GET ANY CLEANER!!! But I can't do it myself...she's been too, too good to us. Please, Santa, get her a job offer somewhere. This is ridiculous.

    * a Mac Laptop

    * an Audi TT (electric blue, please)

    * someone to spank Brittany Spears and shove her into re-hab for a year before she kills herself or her kids.

    * to wake up one morning magically 25 lbs. lighter

    * killer legs

    * to be able to spend more time at the cottage (maybe every Friday the kids could miss school? Please??)

    * to be able to get tickeled from behind without peeing myself. The kids may love it, but my nerves are destroyed and it's just SO not funny anymore.

    * someone to organize my office. It's just too overwhelming to even think about starting, but it drives me INSANE every morning when I walk in.

    * my husband and his absolutely wonderful sweet, bright daughter to work out their troubled relationship

    * my stepson ^^ to GROW UP, quit whining and understand it's not all about him! (It's about ME!!! :rolleyes:)

    * a huge mid-air collison right over my house (no personal injuries, of course) of a Brink's plane and the Balenciaga corporate jet. If this is too hard, just pick one.

    * my brother to come to his senses and start talking to me again. It's been 5 years, he's 61 and I love and miss him so much.

    That's pretty much it Santa. If you could deliver on at least a few of these, it would really and truly be appreciated.
  2. Dear Santa:

    If you could score me a chance to be a contestant on Deal or No Deal, I promise not to be greedy and walk away with a really great offer and pay off all my bills.

  3. Boy, this would be WAY at the top of my list.... 2 weeks, no kids, no husband, doing whatever I want and to make it even better to be able to buy what I want and not worry about the repercussions! I wouldn't even be that bad!!!!

    Well, I guess #2 would be to win some sort of home redecoration and have someone come in and COMPLETELY redo my home in MY style while I was away for 2 weeks and have it be a gift too! LOL
  4. oooh!! *rubs hands together*

    Dear Santa,
    This year I would really like:
    Another European Vacation. Only for longer this time. More food, good wine, and great company would be another plus.
    Mint Ink and Anthracite cities.
    To get back to Maui and not worry about anything but how tan I'm getting.
    A big fat tahitian pearl. Cause I'd like some pearl bling.
    For my parents to not stress so much anymore and get away for the first time in 2+ years.
    To hear my grandpa speak - to say at least one thing, even if its just my name.
    To be able to move out soon so that BF and I get to see/talk to each other for more than 10 mins a day.
  5. "To hear my grandpa speak - to say at least one thing, even if its just my name."

  6. Dear Santa,

    I would like winning lottery #s please for the next over 100 million jackpot,
    then I won't ever have to bother you again!
  7. Dear Santa,

    I'll take the same thing as kbell.
  8. Hoping the same for you, and sending good thoughts your way! :heart:

    And Dear Santa,

    I'd love to get a well-paying, relatively stress-free job (is this even possible? LOL)! I've been good this year! :angel:

  9. Your thread is absolutely wonderful, and if anyone deserves to get everything on their list, it's you! Your list is so honest and down-to-earth...I love that. You are real. Don't change, girl! Have a Happy Holiday Season!
  10. Dear Santa:

    Here's my list:

    *for everything to stay the same, I like it this way.
    *for me to do well in school this year, I'm a little nervous, it's been a year since I've been in school.
    *for everyone in my family to stay as healthy as they are
    *For my dopey cousin to stop doing stupid sh*t and if she ruins our family trip this year, I swear I'll just slap her, my grandma has been wanting to get us all together for years, and if that girl ruins it, I swear......
    *And...........a Heritage Stripe Tote in Pink would be great;)
  11. Ahhh.....ChenChen and're very sweet...many thanks.

    And ChenChen...I don't have that kind of job, but I know for a fact that they do exist and you WILL get one. It's all about not compromising and sticking to your guns. The fact that you already know what you want/need is a HUGE part of the battle. Really! And they always come when you least expect them and from the least likely contacts. (sorta like, maybe try not shaving for a while!! :p)

    And warmed my heart when you said,
    "for everything to stay the same, I like it this way."
    What a lovely, happy and grateful thing to be able to say. You put us all to shame ('cept you pretty much blew it with the Heritage Striped Tote...LOL!!!!) (incidentally, sounds like maybe you should just slap your cousin on spec!!)
  12. Dear Santa,

    Like kbell and wordpast I'd also like to be the winner of a $100M+ powerball jackpot. One catch, I'd like to be the sole winner.. so let us each win our own $100m jackpot :smile:

    I'd like to have the time and patience to write a truly great novel.

    I'd like to magically find a publisher for my aforementioned truly great novel and have it become a featured book on the Oprah show :smile:

    Hm... that's it.. for now :smile:
  13. How exciting!!

    Dear Santa,
    This year for Christmas I would like:

    1. To be healthy for once.
    2. For my dh to fart less.
    3. Britney Spears abs......pre-trailer trash.
    4. A house on the lake.
    5. To be able to sing.
    6. To be able to eat what ever I want and not gain any weight.
    7. I would like to grow about 5 inches.
    8. A new I-Pod.
    9. I, too, would like a shot at that 100 million dollar jackpot.

  14. Dear Santa,
    This year I would like....
    1) To be able to sell my horse to a good/loving home; so I can finally get a new one!
    2) My mom to stop drinking so much
    3) My grandma to be healthy
    4) My dad to take a look at his life and start LIVING it, not WORKING it
    5) A guy who appreciates/respects me....aka a GOOD BOYFRIEND!
    6) hmm and maybe an entire Saks?

    I think thats about it..
  15. Dear Santa,
    I may not be around this year so please give the coat and boots I had on my list to someone homeless and living on the street so they can stay warm this winter.