Dear Nordstrom Marc Jacobs buyers,

  1. Why did you not order the Petrol Blake:drool: for your stores? :shrugs:
    If you are reading this - please order it ASAP!:woohoo:
    And if you aren't familiar with tpf - please supply our stores
    with this bag!!! They are very much in demand ! :yes:

    thank you :heart:
  2. ITA! :woohoo::goodpost:
  3. ROFL... great post.

    Maybe I should apply as a buyer!!
  4. haha that's too funny. I should definitely tell the buyers to read this forum. they'll get so much out of this! (I actually know one of them!) :hrmm:
  5. :goodpost:
  6. haha :smile:
  7. :tup::tup::tup:
  8. Agreed, I love reading the shoe posts! Great info to help. Maybe there is one out there who is an MJ fan!
  9. Oooooh - A handbag buyer??? - Boy! - We'd have tons to tell them!!:p

    First off - We'd LOVE the current "Look Book" list detailing syles, prices and delivery dates for Resort 07 for our reference section. Then, of course we'd love the Spring 08 info........

    P.S. I KNOW I only saw that Petrol IRL at a Nordies - Maybe all the staff bought them up??
  10. Oh,oh,oh and the light grey soft calf venentia too for tuffcookie and me!!
  11. Or maybe greedy eBay sellers bought them all up...:push:
  12. I'll get on this bandwagon too! :yes:
  13. i was shocked when the SA i spoke to on the phone said that Nordstroms never ordered that color! so disappointed!