Dear Megs need help regarding Jalda Croc Clutch

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  1. Hi everyone,

    this is my first post. I was never really a bag loving person until a few years ago. I am so glad to embrace this shallow, dark and expensive side of me ;).

    I have recently become a huge fan of the exotics. I recently came across the Jalda pink croc on the tpf while surfing the web
    It was love at first sight. I am now looking for the clutch (until we are one I will not rest) however the only one I can find on the web is available at

    BUT it looks very different. I was wondering if they are the same and the difference is because of the photography.
    Megs since you have this clutch I was hoping you could help.

  2. it looks the same to me :shrugs:
  3. Yeah, for some reason Megs' looks more matte. Maybe the finish is different?

    If you want Megs attention, maybe try PMing her?
  4. Nice choice of clutch. It looks the same to me. Perhaps the shine is down to the camera flash.
  5. Hello fellow bag-lovers
    wow I love the ASAP reponses. Anyway I did some research on the Jalda site. I think the one that is available is the "rose" clutch. The one that Megs had is the "pale pink" if I am not mistaken. My heart is broken. However there is a cream version which kept me up all night and I must have it if I am to retain my sanity! I think I am going nuts.....;) Never in my eyes have crocodiles and snakes looked more beautiful.....