Dear MAM fans: what size Nikki do you prefer and does the size of Matinee work for u?


Nov 22, 2007
I am a MAM fan too - I love the Nikki, I only have regular sized ones though. I'm sure I'd like the mini nikki to based on a few of the ladies here who have posted modeling shots. I'd do a search and take a snoop around some of the threads to get an idea.

I also love the mattie, but as much as I love it I sold mine because I didn't use it much.

Oops too! I'm 5'8, 150lbsish
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Sep 30, 2007
well, i have a MAM and love it, but the Mini Nikki size is perfect for me.
i did just get a Mattie, but i can't use her until Xmas (gift from DH!). but i have gazed at her and filled her w/ my stuff and while she is really big, i think i will like her!
i'm 5'2, hth!


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Nov 19, 2006
I too am a MAM fan, and I also love my Nikki. I have one Matinee, which I adore, but it is smaller and sometimes harder to find my stuff in because it is so narrow and tight. Mind you, I often forget to utilize the pockets on each end of the bag! If I did this, it would free up some space in the center for sure.

I also have a Mini Nikki, but I like the larger Nikki better because of the slouchier look.


Jan 26, 2007
I am a MAM fan and find the MAB too big, and I love th regular size Nikki. After my Nikkis slouch over, I find that there is not a lot more room in it than the MAM. I am interested in the Mini but think it will probably be too small.

ETA: I'm 5'6".
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May 24, 2008
I love MAMs, feel like MABs are too big on me for an everyday bag, and while the Matinee's measurements are bigger than MABs, they seem MUCH smaller than MABs because they aren't anywhere near as wide. I love the mattie. (modeling pics in my eggplant thread if you want to see!)

5'9" 134lb


Jul 17, 2008
i'm 5'5" 130lb and love both the MAB and MAM, depending on my mood. Only have regular nikki's, no mini's and love the big nikki's (don't think the smaller would work for me as i like the slouchy look). No matinee's as I feel it'll look too bulky on me.


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Oct 10, 2006
I'm 5'2 110lb. and have a MAM. The MAB was just too big on me. However I have and love the regular sized nikki for the slouch. I also have and love my matinee. I feel that my MAM holds about the same amount of stuff as my Matinee. Though I feel I could fit slightly more into my MAM due to the square-ish shape. Since the matinee is oblong I could only fit so much in certain ways? KWIM? (if that made sense :P)


Apr 21, 2008
My bag progression went from mam to nikki to matinee... and personally they all work for me but in different ways. The mam is a great classy bag that holds a ton but still has that slouch. The nikki is a great hold everything bag, and again has the slouch we all crave. I do feel like the nikki is more casual/boho and doesn't work with some outfits. I just got my mattie last week. At first I thought it was too big, but then fell in love with it. The trick is when you wear it on your shoulder to wear it slightly behind you, or else it looks to bulky IMO. I have also tried on the noir mini nikki, and think that would be a great everyday bag if you don't carry much more than a wallet, makeup bag, phone, and keys. I plan on snagging one of those at the SS if I can.

Basically RM rocks, and all of her bags are amazing. I've never tried on the MAB, but from looking at it at Saks, it looked huge! (but that was when it was stuffed so who knows)

oops... I'm 5'6'' and 130 lbs
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