Dear Lvmh Please Reissue

  1. Are there some things you wish LVMH would reissue? I do so here it goes.

    Dear LVMH, please reissue the black epi Alma with GOLD HARDWARE and the GM pink inclusion bracelet and ring and those black pumps that had a cut out around the ankle and a silver chain that I couldn't get cause they sold out so quickly. I really don't enjoy trolling eBay and worrying about picture bait and switch and things getting lost in shipping and all that. Thanks so much, jobaker.
  2. My all time favorite the Mizi. :girlsigh:
  3. Monogram Mat!
  4. miroir speedy or alma!
  5. Framboise and indigo vernis. And plum suhali ... all in the permanent collection, please!
  6. Ditto. I only have 2 pieces from this amazing line and would love to add more.
  7. Fuchsia Vernis!
  8. Cherry Blossom line!
  9. Monogram Mat!
  10. Mandarin Epi.
  11. the Robert wilson and the eye love you and the CB retro
  12. monogram velour :drool:
  13. ~YES, YES, YES:yes::tup:~
  14. the cerise line (I LVOE the speedy and bucket from that line, but I never got around to get it :sad:)
  15. Damier Glace.