Dear LV: More pockets, please

  1. I just saw a pic on the Marketplace of the inside of the Sharon Stone AMFAR has lots of little organizational pockets- I really wish that there were more styles with interiors like that, with dividers a la the Passy GM and pockets for storage. Except for the cell phone pocket, and a wee pocket, most interiors are just black holes.
  2. really? this is what i love about LV...i can organize my own stuff in their own little pouches. i don't have to deal with tons of zippers, or forgetting about stuff because i can't see it or wasted space. to each their own i guess.
  3. I do the same thing (lots of little pouches) but at the same time I also carry a TON of stuff. I'd like to have my phone, lip gloss, hand lotion and keys in pockets for easy access, not in a zipped pouch.
  4. I do agree with LucreziaCA, more pockets please.
  5. :lol: Thank you! Wide open spaces do nothing for me! I don't want to carry around 4 different little cases or pochettes. I've been considering a purseket, I've heard that is really helpful. They sell them on Ebay. It goes around the sides of the bag and has the pockets I so need.
  6. I don't mind it having pockets or not. I'm so used to tossing everything in there. I don't carry tons of stuff that I have to dig to look for something.
  7. i agree...i like pockets, especially cell phone pockets, and the larger pockets...i like to have my cell and my sidekick easily accessible. i guess i should just get a purseket, heh.
  8. I agree,more pockets please.
  9. i agree -- more pockets would be great. i don't care for pursekets.
  10. I also like the two pockets like that -- one for my cell phone and one for my XM Airware radio. That's why I was so happy when I saw that my new Epi Speedy has those exact two pockets in it. My monogram Speedy just has the one tiny open pocket that flops around. LOL
  11. Every bag should have a cell phone pocket! Mine always seems to find its way to the bottom of my bag :suspiciou My pen does the same thing, so maybe a small pen pocket too! :nuts:
  12. To compensate for the lack of pockets in LV I use purseket and Bagmate. Very helpful. I discovered them in this forum, we don't use them in France. I've never heard about them before.



    I've bought 2 Bagmate (large and small) and one large purseket + 1 one drop in

    [​IMG]I've found them on E-bay.
  13. ^^ The bagmates/purseket sure makes your bag organise. Where can I get them online?
  14. I agree, more pockets!
    I don't like the mess in my bags, but I also don't want to carry a purse in a purse... At least three pockets, that would be great: one pocket for my cell phone, one for my keys and one for other small things I need for living, like chewing gum and lipgloss. I hate searching for all this :weird:
  15. Pursekets link:

    I buy mine through a seller on ioffer - she's awesome and sells at way below the retail price. PM me if you are interested.

    I use Pursekets in my Speedy 25 and 30 and I have a drop-in for smaller bags.