Dear Kooba Designers,

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  1. Please do not decrease the quality of your bags. I know you had a bad season just recently and a lot of Kooba fans were not happy with the styles. I ask that you review the quality of your older styles (like the Marcelles, Lucys, Siennas, Brynne,etc). Please build your bags with THEIR quality as opposed to the less substantial leather you've been using on your spring 2008 bags (or decrease your price, one or the other). To ask the same amount of money for much less bag is not right and will only hurt the company in the end.
  2. Thank you!!! Well put!!
  3. awwww, what a great letter!
  4. Bingo! :okay:
  5. CAN I GET AN AMEN??:goodpost:
  6. Hear Hear!!!! Great letter. I'm very new to Kooba. I did buy one and I had to return it because basically....the quality sucked. And with tax it cost $699!!!! Just reading all the different threads in this forum makes me realize that the company is being very foolish. It's sad because there is SO MUCH competition out there. I was so disgusted with my experience that I seriously doubt I would ever consider buying another Kooba. Once I get screwed by a company, I don't look back.
  7. Yep they still haven't put any of their leather jackets on sale on their site...Yet it's already spring.....Nothing is on sale
  8. Wow, I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience.:sad:
  9. This is exactly why I'm trying to scoop up some older styles on Ebay! They probably will last forever :yes:
  10. Thank you! I just posted a thread about what happened. I put alot of thought into what I purchase and I was really looking forwarding to owning the bag. There are so many fans of Kooba that I was expecting to get a great bag. It really does seem that there has been a change in quality. I would love to see and feel some of the older bags. I just posted in another thread that I'm afraid to buy from Ebay. I may have to rethink that! ;)
  11. The thing that really irks me is this - if you would write that letter to Kooba directly, they probably wouldn't even respond. They have really lost touch with their original fan base... :tdown:

    Okay... now this is slightly off-topic but remember about a year ago when we were in flash-forward future mode? We talked about how we'd all be in the nursing home, and how excited we would be for Bingo Night because we'd be able to dress up in our housecoat and slippers and mingle while we oogled each others' Lucys, Marcelles, and Siennas! :nuts:

    The funny thing is - I still think this is true! Maybe we'd be able to add Elisha to the mix, but that's really it so far. It's like the brand is at a standstill. Bummer.
  12. Sorry, but I must continue to stray off-topic once more to share the hilarity of this post. This was by our very own ladysalesrep195 in a thread where Lexie asked what we would all do with our bags when we get old...

  13. "Those were the Days my Friend...
    We thought they'd never end......"
  14. Lovekoobabags, you put it perfectly. While I was SOOOO disgusted w/ the last line, I have bought 2 from the Spring line. There is definitely a marked difference in the quality of the bags, for sure.
    My raisin Paige (my favorite bag EVER!!!) has been through the wringer w/ me and she still looks as beautiful as the day I got her- maybe even better! It is just very disheartening that Kooba is straying so far from what made us all fall in love w/ them in the first place...
  15. are you saying the spring '08 bags are not up to par? I just bought my first Kooba from the spring line. I thought the leather was nice and soft. What am I missing?