Dear hubby got me a little present

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  1. I am a new collector and on purse ban until our trip in November but seeing all of the new stuff everyone has been getting has been getting me excited for our trip. Anyway, I was feeling down because our neice who we had been raising for almost a year left today to live with grandma. So what does dh do to cheer me up? He bought me the framboise vernis agenda. I had no idea how much I'd love it. I immediately ordered the stuff from Filofax that everyone's getting and the Hello Kitty refills. DH is so sweet... :tender:
    framboise agenda.jpg
  2. Gongratulations it´s beautiful!
  3. cute of your Husband!
  4. What a sweet hubby you have! It's very pretty. :smile:
  5. congrats! i bought a few packs of the 2007 Hello Kitty refills too, they are so cute!
  6. Thank you, even after almost 10 years, he still surprises me. I had no idea he'd actually be okay with it and get it since we are traveling in a little over a month and I plan to shop then, hehe.
  7. Disney--CONGRATS!!!!!! I just got the exact same agenda a few days ago and my filofax stuff came in the mail today!!! You are going to LOVE using it as a wallet!!!
  8. hes sooooo sweet!!!!
  9. Awwww:tender: That's sooo sweet of him. What a lovely surprise don't you just love the colour! Congrats!:love:
  10. I absolutely love the color. I really thought it'd be too bright for me but it's perfect. I asked dh about it and he said I was a pink person and it was much more me than the groom agenda I had been thinking about getting later on. The SA also told him it was also the last framboise agenda they had so he got lucky.
  11. Wow, so beautiful! He IS a dear hubby, lucky girl!
  12. awwww sweeeet hubby :love:
    i really liked that he choose it.. its waaaaAaaaAaaay more lovely than groom in my openion.. while groom is nice.. but compared to this one.. this one has it all!! just pure fun to have!! enjOoooy it dear :flowers:
  13. congrats....
    i love this coloure
  14. Congrats on the agenda and more importantly congratulations on stepping up and doing the right thing in raising your niece for however short time you had her. I am sure she misses you as much as you miss her. :angel:
  15. Congrats :yahoo:
    Your new framboise vernis agenda is really cute and gorgoeus :love:
    And your dh's so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet :flowers:
    Oh! I also use the hello kitty refill ... very lovely ;)