Dear Hermes, Please add/remove... MadLib Time!

  1. add/remove (blank) to/from the (blank).

    Fill them in, tPFers! If you could make *it* (whatever it is) better, how would you?
    Here's my suggestion - feel free to add as many as you like!

    Dear Hermes,
    Please ADD a CELL PHONE POCKET and a KEY HOLDER/CLASP to your Birkin.

    Was that blasphemy? Oh well, it would make my life easier!
  2. Great thread, AL. Love your idea.

    Dear Hermes,

    Please make a small wallet with a key chain, a place for change and make it about the size of a credit card or slightly larger.
  3. dear hermes,

    please remove one digit from your prices.

  4. dear hermes, pls add an INSIDE POCKET to my JPG SHOULDER BIRKIN!

    thank you!
  5. DQ - LOL! :woohoo:
  6. I knew DQ would come up with one we would ALL agree upon! :roflmfao:
  7. Dear Hermes

    Please add another inside pocket in the bolide for the cell phone. :yes:
  8. OMG, DQ!!! You made me LOL big time!!! You are the best!!!

    Dear Hermes,

    Please make a slighter longer handle to ur birkin, just enuf to have it fit over MY shoulder (I dont care if it doesnt fit anyone else's, as long as it fits mine:p:graucho:)!
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. HI MG!!! So glad you're back! Kiss that sweet little girl of yours for me!:heart:
  11. I love you DQ! LOL

  12. Welcome back girlfriend!!!!!

    I am gonna wish steal, I also want longer birkin straps
  13. dear hermes please
    - stop that display bag rubbish
    - testdrive models of each bag instore so that noone has to order right into the blue
    - downpayment so that some people would stop keeping real fans away from the bags
    - leatherbooks (and i mean updated ones in each and every boutique)
    - a birkin 32.5cm
    - insde pocket in the jpg
    - bring back the birkin 45 with long straps
    - educated !!!!friendly staff in all your stores

    apart from that dear H i looove ya and you know it you little expensive moody *****
  14. Boy, I'll second that :woohoo:

  15. :woohoo::roflmfao: And please make it the first digit, not that 0 on the end!