Dear Hermes:________(Your Daily Thoughts/Random Musings)

  1. Dear Hermes,

    Please consider opening a store nearer to my home.
  2. Dear Hermes...
    I woke up at 4 am this morning to mail out more e-bay orders... all just so I can afford more Hermes without my husband complaining. None of my friends in real life understand, leaving me only with online threads like this to balm my sanity...
  3. Dear Hermes,

    Please call me now regarding that thing we talked about that's taken over my brain. As I'm checking out, please put in my shopping bag (instead of perfume), some H antidote (or at least some calming lotion).

    Love always,
  4. Dear Hermes,

    Please do a sale day in my store even once a year would be ok
  5. Dear Hermes,

    Please educate your staffs on who are the management people in Hermes HQ for every local country. One of your sales assistants doesn't even know who is the manager.

    Yours truly,
  6. Dear Hermes,
    open your on-line store in my country, please....:smile:
  7. Sounds familiar...also woke up early today to take more pictures for eBay listings when the lighting is good (we get morning sun)

    Dear Hermes,
    Please send more Kelly's in size 25 to my local store...
  8. Dear Hermes,

    Please attach your trainees and juniors with a senior SA so that they can learn more about the product they are selling. It's not only about selling, it's about educating. That's what Hermes is all about.

    I don't blame them for not knowing anything because they are new. I'm more than willing to educate them on the product items. At least, don't make them blur, flustered or leave them alone to fence for themselves. Make them feel at home.

    Yours truly,
  9. This is so funny, I am selling everything I can find to finance my next Birkin, just so my fiancé wont have anything to complain about. I love
  10. this thread is hilarious, what a way to start my morning. thanks ladies
  11. Dear Hermes,

    Could I please have a peek in basement in SF so that I know what to ask for? Or the ability to read my SA's mind?
  12. Oh geez.....IFFAH this is hilarious. I choked on my beverage. ::roflmfao:
  13. :ghi5: It was only recent at one of our local Hs. I told the manager about it and her reaction was priceless, lol! I asked her whether she has been taking any youthful pills to make her look like a sweet 16 that she doesn't have the look of a manager.:p
  14. I do the same thing!!!!!!!!! Lol!:biggrin:
  15. I'm doing the exact same thing (not for a Birkin, just about everything else in the store) This is too funny! I thought I was alone...