Dear Hermes:________(Your Daily Thoughts/Random Musings)

  1. Seeing how we can't get enough of Hermes. ;) How about a thread where you can post your Hermes-related random thoughts, observations and daily musings?

    Want to give it a try? Simply begin with:

    "Dear Hermes,

    Let me start.

    Dear Hermes,

    You are like a festering wound. The more I scratch, the worse it gets. You are infecting my entire being. No cure in sight.

    Now you try! Let's have some fun around here. :biggrin:
  2. That's fun!!

    Dear Hermes
    You let me know there are 10000000 shades for each color (except black and white?!) and they are all desirable.
  3. From the prfound to the prosaic:

    "Dear Hermes

    Why aren't there ever twillys in stock when I need some?"
  4. Dear Hermes............

    Can you be a little less attractive ???.........please please.........
  5. Dear Hermes.....

    Can you be less expensive? My money tree is roting....
  6. Dear Hermes
    Please make ugly bags and in colours I don't like, thanks.
  7. Dear Hermes,
    Please up the production of CDC's. Thanks.
  8. Dear Hermes,

    Please tell me the ETA of my bag - so that I can resist the temptation to buy whatever available in stores / resellers, and fight away the fear that my bag may not come due to the lack of leather / good leather / craftsmen!

    Yours truly
  9. Dear Hermes,

    Could you please stock up your webshop's goodies? And a wider range of clothes and leather goods wouldn't do any harm either. Thanks.
  10. Dear Hermes,

    Please bring back the tied view for the scarves on your website. Also bring back Parismonami or something that shows the scarves in all the CW.

    Thank you.
  11. Dear Hermes,

    Why do you always play hard to get?

    ... or is this a one-sided love affair?
  12. Dear Hermes --
    Please bring back some of the rested colors and styles.
  13. Dear Hermes,

    Thanks for the super-fast shipping. But for the love of all that is holy, please add a search bar to your website.
  14. Dear Hermes,
    Please bring back the Sac Mallette and the Dalvy.

  15. Dear Hermes-

    Please listen to Madam Bijoux. The Sac Mallette is stunning.