dear H: what to do? my scarf is too stiff....

  1. lol....i know, i know, the pun possibilities are endless...

    i just bought a gorgeous scarf from eBay, but i'm a little bit concerned. the scarf is older, though i'm not sure how old (the design is 'umbrelles et parapluies', so i'm guessing one of the experts here knows exactly how old it is!), and has been apparently stored in its box & unused since it's purchase at the flagship store.

    anyway. the scarf is stiff, like someone used spray starch on it. the creases all appear to be original, and i believe the claim that the scarf is unused...but is it strange that it's so stiff? i'm just wondering if it is indeed starch, meaning it will soften over time, or whether the silk has somehow been harmed by being stored for so long, meaning the stiffness is now a characteristic of the silk and won't go away.

    any ideas?? i've only ever purchased pochettes at the boutique, and they've been quite soft when i buy starchy feel. but perhaps this is a trait of older H scarves??

    TIA!! :love:
  2. The ones I've bought at the boutiques are always stiff. I love them that way. I think if you handwash it they will drape in a softer way.
  3. You got it! Yay!

    It's almost 10 years old..1998...the stiffness depends on the skein of silk and the processing used for that skein and should not alarm you. I actually like my scarves on the stiffer side...many here like them flowy...

    I have an older "Ecuries" that is so crisp you would think I bought it yesterday and it is over 15 years old....

    I have bought two scarves in the same season and one could barely keep it's original creases and the other was so stiff it could stand on its hems!!!

    Once you start folding and wearing it, it will soften.

    Many folks recommend handwashing as well to get some softness and drape speeded up....

    It is a beautiful should post pics..!!!
  4. ^thanks sophie and QM...that really helps!! i'll relax now, and go take pics to post :smile:
  5. LOVE that design!!!!

    Ok. One scarf I bought last year was so stiff the thing could stand up on its own. So, I plunked it in a lukewarm bath (didn't even use mild soap) and swished it around a bit, took it out, rolled it in a clean white towle and left it to damp-dry hung on the towel over the shower rod in the bathroom. Once it was damp-dry, I pressed it. Voila! Nice and drapey!!!!
  6. oh wonderful - i think i will try that this weekend!! i know what you mean - this one hardly even wants to fold, it's so stiff!

    thanks shopmom!! :flowers:
  7. lol! I remember shopmom's stiff scarf!!!
  8. 1998 is also around the time they fooled around with the sizing. I think it was teflon-based around that time. It kept the scarves stain resistant, but also very stiff.
  9. oh really?? the eBay listing said the scarf was 35.5"x35"...i figured it was just a type-o, but i wonder if this is what you're referring strange!

    a teflon scarf?? lol...i hardly know where to start! if that's the case, do you still think it will soften up over time, or not really??
  10. ^^^It will soften after around 10 wearings and definitely after you wash it.
  11. yay! i was having visions of a permanent nonstick!

    thanks HG :smile: