Dear Genie...Visions of ___ Dance in my Head...

  1. Genie says, "You all did so well on the 'humble' list...please share your 'long' list here"...

    Dear Genie,

    I don't want to appear greedy, but visions of H-bags dance in my head. I think about...

    35s...a collection of 35s...I think I want a collection of 35s most of all...

    Gold togo birkin PH
    Black birkin PH (togo, box, and might have GH)
    Black togo kelly PH (also in chevre and swift)
    Chevre birkin/kelly in havanne and rouge h...hmmm...and black
    Raisin (???)
    A little something in brighton blue perhaps...
    Oh hell, might as well add black and chocolate croc while I am at it...

    Perhaps a "practical" bag...something for the China and the Thai hill country...

    Hmmm...a trim, an evelyn GM (black, yes definitely black)
    And why not a JPG kelly clutch in black (hmmm...togo, box, or croc, I think)...something small...
    Oh yes, and a black medium PB when it becomes available...for later...

    A few accessories...

    Small chevre bearn in havanne and rouge h (saw these two colors in London in chevre...still fixated)
    Another AZAP...dark, rich neutral
    Globetrotter agenda in ___ (unsure)
    A bracelet I don't know the name of...
    Dark brown H belt

    Well, Genie...I think that is all for now...I might have a few more ideas after the other PF girls and boys identfy their "sugarplums"...

    Love and kisses and good bottle wishes! SoCal
  2. ohhh! FUN!


    35 gold Birkin, gold h/w, leather undecided
    30 rouge H Birkin, gold or pall h/w CHEVRE Coromandel

    28 Kelly, caramel, gold h/w, chevre
    28 Kelly, beige-rose, gold h/w, porosus croc

    another white collier de chien bracelet, pall.
    etriviere bracelet, natural barenia

    coffret of 4 Rose Ikebana Hermessence perfume.

    Something nice for my DH......

    That's all!
  3. GF, No need for new knee pads???
  4. LOL - nope, I refuse to get my goodies the "old-fashioned" way........I just nag and bag until Dh either gives in, or I've horded enough $$ to buy the stuff myself!! LOL!!
  5. Damn,... and all I'm hoping for is a 25cm Black croc Kelly with GH!
  6. ^ Bagg, is that ALL????????? LOL!!!
  7. I would like my own Hermes "satelite" store please, ....thank you
    (this saves a lot of typing!:p )
  8. Well,.. and whatever else they can scoop up! But all I really want is a croc Kelly.
  9. Bagg...I am quite impressed...the principle of parsimony in action...
  10. LOL...would you be satisfied with the SF store inventory?
  11. I already have more than I can hande!!!! :roflmfao:
  12. I have not seen that one,...but IF I had one, and got to order what I wanted for the store...well, size just does not matter! would be so stuffed full of bags and scarves, you would need a machette to fight your way in!:nuts: :p
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. Let's all put in and buy a Hermes franchise!
  15. Cracking my virtual H-whip now! Would that get me in???