Dear Genie...Visions of ___ Dance in my Head...


Dec 23, 2005
Genie says, "You all did so well on the 'humble' list...please share your 'long' list here"...

Dear Genie,

I don't want to appear greedy, but visions of H-bags dance in my head. I think about...

35s...a collection of 35s...I think I want a collection of 35s most of all...

Gold togo birkin PH
Black birkin PH (togo, box, and might have GH)
Black togo kelly PH (also in chevre and swift)
Chevre birkin/kelly in havanne and rouge h...hmmm...and black
Raisin (???)
A little something in brighton blue perhaps...
Oh hell, might as well add black and chocolate croc while I am at it...

Perhaps a "practical" bag...something for the China and the Thai hill country...

Hmmm...a trim, an evelyn GM (black, yes definitely black)
And why not a JPG kelly clutch in black (hmmm...togo, box, or croc, I think)...something small...
Oh yes, and a black medium PB when it becomes available...for later...

A few accessories...

Small chevre bearn in havanne and rouge h (saw these two colors in London in chevre...still fixated)
Another AZAP...dark, rich neutral
Globetrotter agenda in ___ (unsure)
A bracelet I don't know the name of...
Dark brown H belt

Well, Genie...I think that is all for now...I might have a few more ideas after the other PF girls and boys identfy their "sugarplums"...

Love and kisses and good bottle wishes! SoCal

Grands Fonds

Alive and Kicking
May 29, 2006
ohhh! FUN!


35 gold Birkin, gold h/w, leather undecided
30 rouge H Birkin, gold or pall h/w CHEVRE Coromandel

28 Kelly, caramel, gold h/w, chevre
28 Kelly, beige-rose, gold h/w, porosus croc

another white collier de chien bracelet, pall.
etriviere bracelet, natural barenia

coffret of 4 Rose Ikebana Hermessence perfume.

Something nice for my DH......

That's all!