Dear friends, help please!

  1. I sold one bag on eBay and today recieved the buyer's message. She want to return the bag because she feel it too expensive:wtf:. Is this a good reason for return on eBay? Thanks a lot!
  2. nope, buyers remorse....
  3. NO WAY! I agree, it's buyer's remorse. Ebay isn't a retail store and not obligated to accept returns for buyer's remorse.
  4. Thanks, friends! I feel so much comforted for it is not my fault anyway. :heart:
  5. Sheesh! The nerve of some people! She should've calculated the cost before bidding/buying. Is she a seasoned buyer? If so, she sure doesn't act like one.:s
  6. After I replied her message. She bagan to complain how uncomfortable the bag (Gucci straw peggy) is, saying that the handler hurts her shoulder so that she can not hold it for 5 second. In fact, I bought one myself and it never hurts me that way! :confused1::confused1:. And she said she had sent it back by Fedex before contacting with me!!!:cursing: This buyer is:tdown:! How can I handle this situation!? Never have this problem before....
  7. If you really want, you can refuse the package and it will go right back to her. Keep your emails, especially if she didn't use ebay messages to contact you.

    If she thought it was too expensive, she shouldn't have bid! Good luck!
  8. Definitely refuse it, although if you've already signed for it, I don't quite know you should do in that case. Send it back? I simply wouldn't give her a refund for such a flimsy reason.
  9. Just refused the package when it reaches you. You never know what might be in that package, could be the same bag, could be a switch-a-roo, could be an empty box, multiple scenarios. Am not trying to scare you but I've encountered enough of this to advise that you do not accept the return which you did not authorize.
  10. Do not refund her...she has buyers remorse and that is not a valid reason. She thinks she paid too much and now wants to return it but she bid and put up her highest bid that isn't your fault. Refuse the package and tell her NO refunds!
  11. You can always put RETURN TO SENDER on the box if it has already been delivered. Unless the package was insured.
  12. Hehe well here's hoping it's not insured and you haven't received it :smile:.
  13. Agree with other tFPers..! It's def. NOT a reason to return item and why she even bother to purchase and placing bid if she think it's expensive?? Rid reason.
  14. It sounds really suspect to me, the fact that first she said that it was too expensive, then that the straw handle hurt her shoulder. I totally agree with the posters above, refuse the package. If she wants to get her money back on it, then she can list it herself and perhaps you could even offer to let her use the pictures.
  15. If you receive the package (say FedEx leaves it at your door when you aren't there) DO NOT OPEN IT! Pack it in a larger box and send back to her, unopened. Take photos every step of the way, or even better, have someone videotape you while you repack and send.