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  1. With all the complaints about their crummy website and terrible customer service, I have decided I am not buying anything else directly from Dooney. It amazes me that is so much better than their regular website when it comes to customer service. What the heck?

    Here's my latest annoyance. I ordered an in-stock bag from TWO WEEKS AGO and I haven't gotten any shipping notice or anything (which seems to be their SOP lately). They had put a hold on my credit card on Dec. 31, but then the hold dropped off and nothing.

    I sent two emails last week asking for updates; no response. So I sent a THIRD email saying "CANCEL THE ORDER." No response. Today I decided I would call and wait on hold for customer service, so I put my phone on speaker and waited for 21 minutes.

    Finally a person answers and I ask her what is going on with them. I tell her I requested a cancellation of that order, and I would like the status. Oh, what a COINCIDENCE!!! She said they printed the shipping label TODAY and it was in the process of shipping so they can't cancel. :censor: Yeah, whatever. I told her I was going to refuse the package and to have a nice day.

    Then I checked my credit card and no charge has been processed. So I called my credit card company and asked if I could block that charge when they put it through, and the rep said no, I can't block a single merchant. BUT, I could put a block on the card for ALL CHARGES, so I did. :giggles:

    There is no balance on that card and I don't plan on using it to buy anything, so good luck, Dooney. :cool: When someone places an order for your in-stock merchandise, then SHIP IT. When they say "cancel an order," then DO IT. Stop with the games; it's annoying.

    I am done with Dooney for a while. I don't need the aggravation.
  2. Sorry MB, I don't understand either. Very frustrating. They have strong competition with Coach, MK., etc., so not sure why they can't get it together. There are always complaints on their Facebook page.

    I also feel "done " for a while. I am "pursefull". Time for a break:smile:.
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  3. That is crazy bad CS!!! 😡
  4. I don't believe we are out of line to expect good customer service from a large corporation that depends on us for its existence. I know my complaint sounds petty, but this is after a month of exasperating attempts to contact Dooney during 12 DoD, various sales, etc.

    I know LOTS of TPFers ordered stuff during the sales that was on advance order and have been waiting for WEEKS for their stuff. I don't understand why they bother putting items on their website that they cannot provide to a customer.

    I've just HAD IT. :mad:
  5. so sad I love Dooney. But couldn't bring myself to buy Coach/MK or any other competitors. good thing my Dooney collection is complete [except my dear sweet Camila] because this behavior is no bueno.
  6. Well, heaven knows I don't "need" another purse!! :roflmfao: So they may have been doing me a favor!!
  7. hahah RIGHT. can't they all just be like this. honestly ppl have complained about Gucci svc as well, I've never had to call [thank God] so haven't experienced the ridiculousness, but if they r all bad, then we'd all be better off haha
  8. Oh MiaBorsa! You are not alone. I ordered a barlow late in the evening on December 7th. I emailed DB Customer Service two minutes later to cancel the order. I called the next day the second they opened to confirm the cancel and they said it was already sent to the warehouse and could not be canceled. I refused the package which arrived on the 16th and have not seen a credit on my card yet. And here is the kicker...never got a reply from the email I sent on December 7th. I think it is impossible to cancel an order. I think that is absurd. Next week I will call them daily if that is what it takes to get my refund.

    I only order one or two bags from .com a year. I will stick with ILD or Q (even though I think it is crazy that Zappos offers free shipping both ways and a large company like Q cannot do the same).

    Sorry you had to go through such a frustrating experience. I understand...completely. I wish I could take you to lunch to help us heal.
  9. That is completely unacceptable! Especially with all the competition out there, not even other brands but other online sites and department stores that we can purchase from.
  10. This is very disappointing. I just don't know how a company that cares so much about its product quality can care so little about its service. I'm sorry that you all had and are having such bad experiences.
  11. Thanks; I'm sorry you had a bad experience, too! If I were you, I would dispute the charge with my credit card company and let them handle it. Were you able to track the package back to them once you refused it? Good luck with getting a resolution.
  12. I totally agree, Scooch. :tdown: The bag I ordered isn't available anywhere else, or I wouldn't have ordered from them in the first place. Lesson learned.
  13. Thanks, TB!! I'm sure it will all work out eventually, but I was tired of the run-around today. At least I won't have to fight for a refund, haha.
  14. Has anyone sent a complaint to the BBB? That might get their attention. I too think it's ridiculous no one can answer an email.

  15. Hi Sarah and LID!

    This is so disappointing to hear! I'm sorry both of you have to go through hoops just to cancel a bag and get a credit. Maybe Dooney wants us to shop other sources for our bags (Outlet stores,ILD, Amazon, QVC, retail stores), so they don't have to fully staff their Customer Service or warehouse). But it looks very bad for the brand when we can't get properly serviced through their website regardless of how good customer service is at the other sources.

    Since Dooney gets a piece of the pie wherever we shop, maybe we should buy NWT or gently used bags on ebay. This forum is a great source for alerting each other to good buys and sellers we've had a good experience with. And I get my ebay purchases faster than most Dooney sources!

    I'm happy with my Dooney collection at this point too. When I'm feeling impulsive I'll refer to this thread as a way of getting the monkey off my back.(Or I'll check out ebay!)

    Good luck to both of you!
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