Dear DH: One Coach Bag is Equal To....

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  1. I figured we could help one another out by explaining the equivalent value of a Coach bag to our DH or BF by putting it in terms they'd understand...

    I'll go first:

    1 coach = 4 rounds of golf (and we still have a kickin' bag when the golf is but a memory)....

    1 coach = 1 hour spent in Cabella's buying fishing gear...

    Anyone else want to contribute?:P
  2. 1 coach = 10 Playstation Games (but we never get tired of our Coach)!

    1 coach = 1 of one of your fancy R/C Cars (but we don't have to spend money fixing it when it breaks)

    1 coach = 50 Jager Bombs at the bar (but you don't feel like crap after buying Coach)

    1 coach = 10 lap dances (without getting the crap kicked out of you by me after I find out you're spending that much time at the strip club!)

    1 Coach = 5 sets of (good seats) tickets to a college football game (And it lasts SO MUCH LONGER... and you're never a loser with Coach!)

    1 Coach = 1/4 the price of that 50" Plasma TV of yours (and it's a lot easier to fit into the house)
  3. Razorback,

    You crack me up!:roflmfao:
  4. Dude. I have been waiting all my life for this post. I go round and round with my DH over the cost of Coach bags. He thinks I'm stark raving mad.

    You officially get buttloads of cool points for coming up with this idea.
  5. :roflmfao:....LOVE this one!!!

    1 Coach = tagging along on one of his shopping days....if I never see the inside of Best Buy, Circuit City, Kawasaki, or some car accessories store ever again it will be too soon!!
  7. Hehehe....

    Ok, here's another one...

    1 coach = 1 superbowl party hosted at our house

    (and it's a LOT easier to clean the inside of my coach than our entire house after 30 of our closest friends and their kids have come over for the night!)
  8. 1 Coach Bag = One trip to the hobby shop. :smile:
    1 Coach Bag = having to go to the mall and shop for your clothes because you hate to do it yourself. (What's THAT all about?) :confused1:

    1 Coach Bag= going on a "vacation" that is all about looking at trains! (Yes I said TRAINS!) :wtf:

    I EARN my Coach bags!!
  9. ^^ yes yes you do. I know ALL ABOUT the hobby shops and clothes shopping, men are so WEIRD.
  10. :lol:
  11. 1 coach = 23 hours in labor so you can have a little "mini-me" running around the house!
  12. Oh Honey, that worth at least 2 Coach bags and all the accessories to go with!!! :yes:
  13. Ok, that' just hilarious! I almost spilled my coffee from laughing so hard....

    And yes, labor = 2 coach bags, boutique prices and matching accessories!:P

    Oh, I had twins a few years ago....looks like mommy's got 4 coach bags coming her way!
  14. ooooo 23 hours! thats horrible :wtf: knuttybar

    i have no analogies!! my SO is great!! he doesnt like sports, doesnt like cars, doesnt obsess over huge tvs or games, and tags along with me shopping AND gives me some coach!!:yahoo:
  15. ^^THANK YOU...lemme run and grab DH so he can read this...!:P