Dear Coach...

  1. If you could write a letter to Coach, what would you say? For me...

    Dear Coach: You know, some people do have regular sized ipods, as opposed to the mini and the shuffle. Kindly make us some cute cases too!! I really love your bags but just a suggestion-could you come to tpf and read some of our bag ideas for color, we have some really good ones!

    Oh and also....could you send me some free stuff? :p
  2. bring back some of the older bags so that I can have a chance to get some of the pieces that I just adore:graucho:
  3. There are some people who prefer in-between straps! I see lots of bags with very short, up under the arm straps and plenty of long, cross-body or down at the hip bags. How about a little more selection in between?
  4. Dear Coach,

    Please start a frequent buyers club, so that we could earn points to get free Coach stuff, I should also like to direct you to the thread on this forum for of items we wish you would make. I particularly would like more mini skinnies and separate checkbook colors.
  5. dear coach,

    please stop making fugly bags. seriously. i think your designers might be drunk when they think of these things. not that i have a problem with drinking, i'm all for it. we all love cheap wine cause it reminds us those awkward days of sneaking drinks in high school, but i also don't have a company to worry about when i'm sloshed. either get sober designers or hire me when i'm sober- i'm good with either choice. please know i don't mean to laugh at you sometimes...

    and please start offering some free shipping on the site on a regular basis (say, under $50 or over $200 or for gift cards). some of us are cheapskates and hate paying $8.50.

    katherine "down with the fugly" allison

  6. dear coach make more punch and make more ipod video holders and all together a frequent buyer club while your at it...
  7. oh and ps. please just make me happy and pay for shipping when we send them back for a repair...
  8. Dear Coach,


    :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  9. Dear Coach,
    I would love to have the abillity to have a bag custom done. We could order the design we want in the color we want. Like a purple suede Carly or a pond leather Ali. I would also like champagne and strawberries served while browsing the boutique. Thank you for your attenton to my request!! :drinkup:
  10. i second the champagne!

    i think we'd buy more if you got us tipsy, coach.
  11. And can they be served by cute shirtless cabana boys wearing Silk Coach boxers? :graucho:
  12. only if you insist.


    i love the way your mind works!
  13. I'm cosigning on the bolded!
  14. ...and greet us by saying "May I just say you look ravishing tonight" and MEAN IT!! :heart: :love: :heart:
  15. Dear Coach, I'm with Kallison. Hire us gals to design while sober than give us free shipping to order our goodies and good looking cabana boys to serve us champagne on our off time. Then please give us chocolates (good ones) on a monthly basis because that helps soothe our PMS. Seriously. See's is one of our favorites. And a big discount with free shipping and extra champagne and chocolates on our birthdays would be excellent. And since we are your very best and most frequent customers, we'd really like advance notice of what items will be coming out next. Perhaps a month or two before the actual release. Thank you. Mrs. TL

    OK, so that's all a bit much. How about, Dear Coach, please give me a permanent discount. Thanks. TL

    (and a pond or tobacco carly would be fabulous!)