Dear Coach, please bring back....

  1. post what you wish Coach would re-release that you missed out on the first time around for whatever reason.

    For me:
    watermelon coin purse, the carly with the blue trim (was it python?)...and a whole list of other cute stuff too but mainly those two.
  2. Bah, how'd I miss that?! Thanks!
  3. teh chambray wasn't python. and it faded HORRIBLY.
  4. No worries - I like the title you came up with for this thread though. Very cute!
  5. Not the suede one, the signature one with blue trim. Was that called chambray also? Did the blue on that one fade too?
  6. there were two with chambray- the khaki sig with chambray trim and the chambray suede. i had the sig/chambray (don't think there are any left). has pics i took.

    it looked AWFUL when i took it in yesterday. :sad:
  7. Wow. I am so sorry to hear that, I know you've had bad luck with your Coaches lately. Thanks for the advice though.
  8. How about more skull charms? Also, the grapefruit and watermelon coin purses...
  9. The red poppy bags and accessories:yahoo: