Dear BV, will you please? (the suggestion/wish thread)

  1. 1. bring back the Mini Cabat
    2. bring back Ottone
  2. Not in any particular order:

    1-bring back mini cabat
    2-bring back the old montaigne
    3-more interior pockets for the large veneta
    4-'thin out' the handle/strap of the sloane - i have fairly large hands and sometimes i still find the handle/strap to be awkwardly wide
  3. Bring back mini cabat!!
  4. I really love the quirky animal coin purses. Would love to see those return.
  5. ^ Yes, Zooba - great suggestion! Especially the big fishies - they are absolutely the best for actually using for coins (because the bigger mouth opens wide enough that you can actually get your coins out without having to pour them all out!).
  6. The frog is great for that, too!
  7. **I wish you'd make the Sloane a little bit bigger =)

    **I wish you hadn't just increased prices =(
  8. ^ price increase... was it really that necessary... don't think so!!
  9. I so love the idea of a larger sloane with a deeper drop length on the strap. My color request: a metallic gray (ferro or matita like) please.
  10. I would love if you brought back the color, Turbolence (hope I spelled it correctly). I never had the opportunity to check it out, but from picture, the color looks gorgeously rich!
  11. My plea:

    please make a more mid-sized cervo hobo! I love the leather and casual elegance of the cervo hobo, but not everyone wants such a big bag (and I say this as a tall girl).
  12. Here! Here!

    Just a tad smaller would work perfectly for us short ones too....
  13. 1. make more SLG, different designs and more exotic skin (but woven)
    2. bring back the teddy bear phone charm
    3. Mirror comes with every bag
    4. open another store in Sydney
  14. 1. Make a maxi Veneta in an aubergine-purple

    2 Line your SLGs with suede too (unless it's a cosmetic pouch for obvious reasons) ESP if they are exotics

    3 Make a Cervo hobo in non-brown-tone, non-blue-tone grey with a coloured suede lining.

    4 make stretch knots in bright colours like the satin but in leather

    Pleeeeaaassse :kiss:
  15. I would looooove!