Dear BV, will you please? (the suggestion/wish thread)

  1. Echoing what was wisely requested above!

    Count me in for a mini cabat SO!

    Some new requests:
    More color options for exotic SLGs, accessories and jewelry please!
    Create more bags that are not 100% intrecciato.
    Offer the men's intrecciato slip-on shoe in dark-colored leathers.
    More cervo bags would be wonderful!
  2. I agree on the purple -- I generally love purple and my Ink Belly is one of my favorite bags but I'm hoping for a darker purple; maybe almost black with purple undertones.

    Also agree with having SOs in any skin! I, too, would love to participate in a group mini cabat SO... And bringing back the mini cabat in general. I joined the world of BV too late and missed the mini cabat train!
  3. I hope this is in your constant dreams-MINI CABAT MINI CABAT MINI CABAT :ty:
  4. The deconstructed cervo hobo (aka baseball bag) is my FAVORITE BV. However my ultimate BV wish would be a deconstructed hobo BUT made in the intrecciato weave.
  5. In the true nappa lambskin leather! That would be dreamy!!!!! :love:
  6. Oh please, please offer the nuvolato tote can have my first born!
  7. Mine is simple.
    Make the cell phone pocket big enough to hold a cell phone in its case!

    Oh, mini mini mini..........

    And I too like the deconstructed woven idea too!!

    OH, and a size between Large and Maxi!
  8. Dear Tomas and BV,

    Will you please:

    1. Create bright and jewel tone colors for the cervo hobo. I love my fever resort. I am so lusting for turquoise or royal purple.

    2. Bring back the cervo hobo with the triple intrecciato of my beloved rame ossidato. My fav color palettes would be Titanium (like my Staub cookware collection) or an Aubergine purple with a metallic sheen. (Suggestion for fall/winter 2012.) I love grays and purples.

    3. Line bags in darker suede. I love my large nero belly veneta but I wish she were lined in a grey or taupe suede.

    4. Line the zipper pockets of classic venetas and belly venetas in suede. I'm not crazy about the "canvas" lining in my large belly veneta.

    5. Enlarge the size of the size phone pocket in the cervo hobo. It is too small to hold an iPhone or Blackberry.

    6. Other tPFers suggested a full on intrecciato cervo hobo. What an awesome idea. This is my absolute favorite BV style.

    7. Find me a nero maxi plisse. I missed out on her and so want her in my BV collection.

    8. And finally, bring back the creel. I have 2 vintage creels and would love to see her come back in a larger size with a thicker strap and a more durable tassel pull.

    And of course, I am willing to provide my feedback on designs and be your beta tester!

  9. 1. Please make runway shoes available in 70-80 mm heel height.

    2. More proportional sizing for RTW. Not sure if this is being done already: when the sizes get smaller, don't just trim the waistline but also shorten length, adjust waist location, etc... It's easy to make dresses slimmer while nearly impossible to reposition the waist / reproportion clothes. I've passed on many pieces because the waist hits at my hip!

    3. Replace the cell phone pocket with a larger gusseted pocket.

    4. Do your petite/short customers a favor and make sure shoulder straps are adjustable.

    5. Review bag sizing: It seems to me, specially with messenger styles but with others too, bags are either giant - as if they were made for models - or tiny - not big enough for everyday. The in-between size would be just right.
  10. Right on, mdlcal28, a_g, & Mousse! I have a new phone (HTC Sensation) and it does not fit into ANY of my BV cell phone pockets.

    Please BV, increase the size of the cell phone pockets! And, please make sure to measure some phones in cases before deciding on the size. This seemingly small detail takes on a huge importance for many people. It is nice to have a cell phone case, but that still needs to fit in a pocket for easy access. Plus I just do not want my phone floating around in the main compartment, case or not. We want our beautiful BV bags to be useful, too.
  11. Please bring back the pleated veneta and mini cabat.
  12. A few requests:

    1. Bring back the mini cabat

    2. Bring back the original montaigne in some yummy new seasonal colors and banish the new, "improved" montaigne.

    3. Create more SLGs in goatskin. Goatskin is such a pretty and durable material.

    4. Bring back the colored suede linings, i.e., purple suede in ink, etc. It's a pretty surprise when one opens up one's bag.

    5. Bring back the original ball bag in seasonal colors. This is such a functional yet gorgeous bag.

    6. Would love bags and SLGs in a deep, rich purple (similar to Turbolence F/W 2008).
  13. I just recently discovered the frame bag in intreciatto, pls bring it back, I NEED one!
  14. I would love to join a SO for a mini cabat!!

    Please make the original montaigne again. I just love my ink one! I want another in a beautiful deep rich color.

    I hope BV is listening to all our requests and takes them seriously!
  15. Bring back the mini cabat!! Especially in Peltro!!!