Dear BV, will you please? (the suggestion/wish thread)

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  1. Starting this because we know BV reps do occasionally come here, and maybe suggestions can be helpful.;)

    It would be great to think that the hardcore fan customer base that supports the brand could possibly have an influence on the direction of the offerings.
    Or, just to vent and plead. Either one works for me.:graucho:
  2. please...

    1. Bring back the original Montaigne. The old shape was more pleasing to many people, and the handle attachment more user friendly.

    2. Allow Special Orders without requiring the leather upgrade to an exotic. Many are willing to pay the surcharge if it means they can get something special

    3. Metallics...please add a burnished silver leather to the stable, as well as a sanded gold. Peltro and Ottone should be classic colors, and BV is known for doing these two colors well.
  3. Bring back the Mini Cabat! And sell it in ALL boutiques, please! Not just Hawaii.
  4. Echoing jburgh....

    1. Please bring back (and continue to stock in colours other than Nero & Ebano *yawn*) the original Montaigne Bag.

    2. Please bring back the colours Limo and Old Petra

    3. Do you think you could possibly offer some new kind of Satchel? I'd love something that was a cross between the styles of the Triple Compartment Satchel, the Bond Bag and the San Marco Bag (intrecciato though).

    4. Could you please speak to the buyers at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver, BC and let them know they are losing $$ to their US counterparts. Or better yet, open a boutique in Vancouver. (wait, I'd be broke in a week, maybe that's not such a good idea after all)

    5. Do you need testers - you know, to help get the bags "out there" to see how well they're received, how practical they are to carry, to test the durability in a variety of weather conditions?.... I can be reached through TPF. :yes:

    6. Finally, an outlet/factory store in Las Vegas would be sooo awesome. Like really really awesome.
  5. Ditto!:smile:

    Thank you jburgh for starting this thread.
  6. 1. Please bring back the original Montaigne. PLEASE.
    2. Please bring back the Mini Cabat - I didn't decide I needed one until they were gone!
    3. I'm with VON1B2 - a BV boutique in Vancouver would be really, really nice!
  7. Bring back the mini cabat

    Bring back Peltro!
  8. -Please bring back the softness and sheen to the nappa bags! what have you done to them! The bags are DULL!

    -Please bring back the gold zippers!

    -Please bring back the original pulls (leather ties) on the zippers!

    -Please offer more grays and browns in your classic bags!
  9. My top 10 suggestions.

    1) Bring back mini cabat
    2) Bring back mini cabat
    3) Bring back mini cabat
    4) Bring back mini cabat
    5) Bring back mini cabat
    6) Bring back mini cabat
    7) Bring back mini cabat
    8) Bring back mini cabat
    9) Bring back mini cabat
    10) Bring back mini cabat
  10. -Please don't give short shrift to your classics, and pay more attention to the idea of understated luxury. By understated, I don't mean sub-par or frumpy. I turned to BV because I don't like my bags to be too flashy, but some of the offerings in the past few seasons have made me back away. I never thought I'd have to put this idea in writing concerning BV.

    -Oh! Goatskin Cabat! I love my nappa and calf Cabats, but on my wish list is to have something "in between"--a classic-looking Cabat that is sturdier than nappa but lighter weight than calf/vachette. I've never had the chance to see a chevre or other goatskin Cabat, but that sounds like it would be quite nice.

    -Color! Is it time for an elegant, darker purple? I never got to see FW08 turbolence in the nappa bags, but I'd love to see something like that come around again.

    -I happen to like the brunito hardware and zippers because they aren't so shiny and blend in better with my bags' colors. Please keep the brunito as an option! I also really like the color of the new ebano. I should point out that I do like some of the recent changes at BV, and there is still a lot to like about the brand.:smile:
  11. Please allow for Special Orders in any skin, without the mandatory upgrade to exotic.
    Make the Mini Cabat possible for Special Orders.
  12. i volunteer to be a tester...i'll parade any bottega bags and accessories you will send my way for free or i'll even pay a discounted price for them - free adverstisement :graucho::yes::winkiss:
  13. I wholeheartedly agree on these suggestions.

    Please create more metallics.
  14. I wonder if we pull all our SOs together for Mini Cabats they'll do it.
  15. Wouldn't that be nice - count me in!