Dear Bonanza Users...

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  1. Please check your listings once in a while!!!! There's a pair of shoes I want & the seller (whom I've talked to before) hasn't logged on in over a month!!! Why list something if you're not going to follow up with it???
  2. Coming from a Bonanza seller myself.... If I don't log on everyday it has nothing to do with not caring to follow up. If someone puts in an offer or asks a question, I get alerted by email.

    I don't see any direct benefit to logging on there every day.
  3. Same here!
  4. Yeah, I realize that & have sent messages & made an offer too... nadda.
  5. Same here. Made an offer once - never heard back from seller. After contacting different seller with a question about an item they listed, seller responded that she no longer has the item but forgot to remove it from her booth. But a Kate Spade wallet I bought was great and arrived in no time. I guess it doesn't matter where you shop there will always be buyers and sellers to avoid and others to come back to!
  6. his has happened to me alot lately...:shucks:
  7. I would search on ebay if seller has the item listed there and she just doesn't check the email address linked to bonanza very often?
  8. I checked ebay & everywhere I could find & these are the only ones in my size anywhere...
  9. I think that's an entirely separate issue, then! Not just not visiting the site, but not answering e-mails or offers.

    I think if the traffic at Bonanza were higher, I'd be logging on there more often to check on item views, other completed sales, etc.

    So I think that it's a catch-22 - I'll log on more often if other people log on more often. ;)
  10. That happened to me too...I had asked a seller a question about a handbag and never got a response back. I wound up buying the bag elsewhere!
  11. I sell one item a year on Bonz. Literally. If I get an email alert about a question I will respond but I don't check in otherwise.
  12. Sellers might want to sign on and see that there is an opt in or out of google shopping, and they will charge 9% anyway if you opt out if the purchase came from google shopping, other wise it's the normal (I forget how much) fees. I don't sell there, but I do buy there occasionally.

    I, too, got the "oh, I already sold that item" before and it is maddening after you pay, having to then wait for a refund from the person and then paypal. Makes me very cautious about buying anything there. I also got only 1 feedback from buyers from all of my purchases there and all of my payments are instant.
  13. Can you tell us what shoes they were just it's one of us or we know whose shoes they are?
  14. This is precisely why I like to hear from the seller before I buy!!