Dear Balenciaga, Please make THIS color!

  1. I have been waiting, waiting, waiting for a true, jewel-toned, emerald green, with no yellowy influences! (See the dress below for what I mean.)

    Does anyone else feel like:

    Emerald was the right idea but too washed out/not deep, dark, saturated enough,
    Vert Gazon is too bright and just barely too yellowish,
    Sapin is too dark and too yellow, and
    Pine *just* misses because it's not quite a true bluish emerald green?

    How much would I LOVE a bag like the color of the dress!

    Anyone agree? :love:
    true emerald.jpg
  2. ^^^
    I love it!!!
  3. [​IMG]

    If it was metallic and this color I'd buy it- but only in the first.
  4. See, I'm thinking a Brief with GGH would be hot. I'd love for this color to look like a real emerald, which flashes kind of bluish green. Much like how the '05 magenta (not my pic) in the attached pic kind of flashes pink/purple. If we could get a color-shifting Emerald like that....HOT! :drool:
    magenta city.jpg
  5. That green is gorgeous :p

    I'd like to have a Matelasse in Ink!
  6. That would be GORGEOUS!!! I would buy a Matelasse in that colour!!
  7. I LOVE this color! I actually have a bag in this color but it's a Prada:smile: I'm sure the color would look great in smooshy Bal leather!
  8. Ok, I guess I couldn't get that picture to come out right but the true shade is closer to your picture of the dress than my picture of the bag:smile:
  9. wow..what a gorgeous green :smile:
  10. I think the closest colors are emerald 03, mystery green and emerald 06... It'd be great to have a color just like the dress though!

    Here's a couple of pics of mystery green and emerald 06, both lovely colors! :heart:
    IMGP4278.JPG IMGP4281.JPG
  11. wow! love the color too! :tup:
  12. I love that green dress.....from the pictures I've seen here, the Pine is the closest to that green dress.
  13. great idea as green is my fave color!! i would love to see a green with some blue undertones in it. i have both a VG an Emerald and it's not the green i exactly want either but feel like i'm "settling" for it because that's all they are offering (aside from Pine that is).
  14. Thank you for this thread!!! I totally agree... I want a jewel-toned, rich emerald that's eye-catching and not dull... I am still waiting and hoping that they'll make that colour...
  15. Oh, I would totally want to get a green like that! It's perfect!