Deals & Steals...for men?


Nov 23, 2008
Golden Coast, Florida
Dont get me wrong, I love this thread...because its all about me me me! General store sales is great for purchasing items for DH, but I want to see if there is a better place to look for this stuff for him. I dont think it would ever be mentioned if there was a stellar deal on boxers, for instance!

I also visit another site thats focused on families with young children...find fab deals there (often find them cross-posted here), but that doesn't help DH much :smile: So, is there a deals-and-steals-tpf-for-men equivalent?


Jan 12, 2006
good point, we need more men's deals!:tup:
All are welcome, mens and children too. In the Parenting Forum there's a kids' deals thread, we need to update that more. I get deals in my inbox everyday, I'll try and be better about that!


More please!
Dec 1, 2006
They have been doing mens and kids sales in addition to womens on Gilt lately as well. :yes:


Nov 14, 2006
near the ocean, NY
Neiman Marcus Last Chance has great deals for men. Beautiful Brioni and Burberry shirts, Ralph Lauren cashmere cable knit sweaters, some really high quality Italian sweaters, cashmere coats, plus lots of things for teens and college kids - Diesel, Monarchy and tons of denim. I have done well there for my two guys.

Off Saks also has a pretty good selection too, including shoes. I sometimes have to hit two stores to find things, but I am pleased with what I have found. A $600 reversible zip cashmere cardigan for about $150, lots of Burberry shirts for $44 to $82 depending on the sales and Cole Hann shoes for about $99.

Of course, Saks in NYC had great men's stuff in their sales. I saw racks and racks of really nice things placed out in the walkways for browsers to go through. And, Bloomingdales seemed to be over stocked when I walked through the men's department by the Third Avenue entrance a week or so ago. I had the sense that merchandise was stacked to towering heights. Lots seemed to have sale signs, but I did not have time to stop and look.
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