Deals on Tumi???

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  1. I need new luggage. Anyone have any info on Tumi deals???
  2. Hi, if you're from Los Angeles, I would suggest you to stop by TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Burlington Coats, they usually have great bargains on Samonite, United Benetton or other designer luggage set. I got my Benetton carry-on luggage at TJ Maxx for $39.99, great quality and excellent price!

  3. Tumi has their own outlet stores where they sell their standard lines at sometimes substantially discounted prices.
  4. jbcesq, there's a Tumi outlet store at the Cabazon outlet. You might want to call them and see if there're any sales this weekend before heading over.
  5. try Macys, I always see tumi on sale there.
  6. Off Saks Fifth ALWAYS carries Tumi luggage at 30%-40% off retail. And if you can snag an extra 25%-30% coupon you'll save even more!
  7. Besides the outlets, check their website of authorized retailers. I have found that some put the bags on sale - especially bags that have just been discontinued or will be. I have ordered from one called and was able to get the TUMI bag I wanted for $200 less than retail. They were really accomondating since I was trying to get the bag in time for a trip and got it to me in time.
  8. They also had some Tumi items on the costco website.
  9. i'm not sure about the outlet stores in LA, but the SA from the Woodbury NY told me that some luggages would be on sale during the memorial day weekend sale.
  10. I bought my SO a Tumi rolling duffle from Nordstrom Rack. The retail was ~$300 and I bought it for ~$120. This was about a month ago.
  11. Since you live in L.A. I'd check out the Tumi at Cabazon. If you know what you're looking for call first. Last time I was there about 1 month ago there were several luggage sets that were available.
  12. Try Neiman Marcus Last Cast. They usually have a very good selection of Tumi.
  13. ITA - Off 5th in Folsom,CA has beige/champagne colored Tumi pieces and some carry-on bags right now.
    Also, I've seen smaller Tumi bags at the Nordstrom Racks.