Deals on Longchamp Le Pliage?

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  1. Thanks to you and all who are finding and posting pliage deals.\\
  2. Loehmann's in NYC had TONS of Le Pliage totes this morning. The large were $89 and the medium were $79.... and then if you have a gold card, an extra 10% off of that.

    They had red, fuchsia, lavander and lime green. Only a few red, but plenty of the other colors.
  3. hi.. do you think they have the same deals here at Loehmann's in San Francisco? Are they currently marked down? Do you think they can ship?Thanks
  4. ^^^^^^Oh boy I will have to check my Loehman's here in New England!
  5. either you can use the "Newsletter“ coupon code for 10 bucks off, on
  6. Not marked down. $89 is the price, with an extra 10% if you are a gold card member.

    I think they do ship, but aren't very reliable.
  7. never knew bout this site, such a great deal
  8. Anyone know where I can get a Large Tote for under 100 in the Boston area? My friends have had some luck with Nordstrom Rack but that was about a year ago. Anyone been to one recently and can chime in? Thanks so much!
  9. bump for deals update!
  10. I just got one myself, but not sure this one is medium size or small. I am only 5'2, so large size maybe too large on me, but I guess medium is perfect. For the price it marked, I guess it is medium, because I cannot see any other price between $125 and $145 (I know large size is 13''W*13H''*7D, and large sold @ $145).If it is a medium, I'll keep it, but if is only small, I think I will return it in store. I saw the measurement 9''3/4 W*9''3/4H*5''1/2D, could anyone tell me is this possible to be a medium?
  11. ^ it is medium. This thread should be for DEALS only, we have other threads for questions.
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    Sorry about asking questions in this thread, but I did post a deal in my last post. I also found a website sells discount longchamp, the price seems pretty good, but I am not sure. xx if you don't know for sure, please do not post

    I saw exactly a same bag on sale for $67 including tax.

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    I'm certain this isn't an authorized Longchamp retailer.

    This is:
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