Deals on Longchamp Le Pliage?

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  1. ^ thanks for the heads up. I picked up the navy at Pentagon City and got Praline online :smile:
  2. I really wanted a navy one but PM didn't have any when I went :sad:. Looks like I'll have to hit the other area NR's to see if they have any!
  3. Was the navy also on sale?
  4. it was at NR, so yeah. I think I paid $60
  5. wow, great deal!
  6. I was able to find a large red tote at NR in Chicago for 70!!
  7. Does NR do charge sends? I'm thinking of calling around for one.
  8. Yep, 10 dollar flat fee for however much you order.
  9. I saw mini totes at NR Framingham, MA (Boston area)
  10. I'm thinking of calling in NR's also, but does anyone know if it's just cheaper to buy in paris (going in 2 months). thanks!
  11. I think NR Pentagon City had a restock - there were plenty lilac and citrine for $69.97, saw a few small navy with 'love' written on them in some kind of puffy material and some cosmetics bags
  12. In the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport there is a Longchamp store with amazing prices for foreigners... I got a large tote with long handles in navy for 62€! Stop by that store before you go to the baggage claim!
  13. DC and others, did NR still have the IT BAG? I regret I did not buy it when I saw it. TIA :flowers:
  14. I'm not very familiar with the bag names. So can you describe the IT BAG?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.