Deals on Longchamp Le Pliage?

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  1. Does magnums ever have coupon codes that are more than $10 off?

    Does anyone think they will have one soon??

    Looking to buy the black Longchamp Planetes but don't want to buy it right before a coupon code comes out.
  2. Are there discounts on these because right now they're having a sale at least the boutiques but nordstom not where can I find good cheap longchamps .
  3. Off Saks 5th is having an additional 30% off bags with the more card. I happened to find a large le Pliage tote in white for $80!
  4. OMG ^ so lucky!! I wish I had one around me :sad: I really need a large tote for school.
  5. Where is the sale? I checked online and I can't find anything - do you ahve to put it into the cart to see the d/c?
  6. I couldn't find any in the Leesburg va off fifth so I caved and bought my black in mrsp price lol
  7. Got a medium longchamp with longs straps for 69.99 at off saks in westbury LI. It was a lavender color.
  8. has some on sale, just not the classic colors
  9. bumping. has anyone seen them on sale lately?
  10. How do people have new Longchamps on eBay for so cheap? Are there are lot of fakes? If so, how can you tell? I want to buy one online (the biggest Le Pliage) but am kind of scared of getting a fake...
  11. ^yes there are SO many fakes ....
  12. anyone know where i can get a decent deal on the le pliage large shopping tote in billberry?
    bagshop currently has it, with a 10% coupon, the total is about $139 (with tax) i'm very iffy about the ones on ebay even thought they look authentic. anyone can recommend sellers maybe? thanks :smile:
  13. Bloomingdale's F&F starts in 2 weeks (I think). Longchamp is included on the 20% sale. Hope this helps :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.