Deals on Juicy Diaper Bag?

  1. My Sister is having a baby in August and i really want to get her the Juicy Couture Diaper Bag. I've seen them in all major department stores so i was wondering if anyone has seen these on sale or if there is a code that will work for some discount.

  2. I found some on this site, but i do not know if they are real.

  3. Thanks but i don't think those are real - they have a LV Waltz for $389 :push:
  4. I just bought the "on the go" baby bag from yesterday. They are normally $135, I got it for $89 (plus tax & shipping) so it came out to about $105. They only have it in 1 color Moss/Pink. (so i think it would only work if she's having a girl)
    I didn't use any free shipping or discount codes because I don't have a bloomie's card but it's a cute bag!
  5. I just got one from Shop Dolly Rocker for 15% off using coupon code VALENTINE (you have to use all caps). Not sure when it expires though, and if you are in CA, you have to pay tax. Shipping was only about $8 though. It's a bowling bag style which comes in pink, blue and black. It's huge, but with a newborn, that's a good thing! :yes:

  6. They had two Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags at the NM in St Louis....on the clearance table...they had a couple of the Juicy baby frames...not sure if they had any JC diaper bags marked might be worth giving them a call....the SA I usually deal with when I go in is Allison...she is the dept. mgr...however, anyone would be able to check and see if they have anything left....
  7. Thanks for that info. I never even knew about this site! I just bought a Juicy baby bag from them as well! VALENTINE didn't work so I used "toutie" as the code and it gave me 20% off! But, I had to pay $16 shipping. I guess because I'm in NY? Anyway, it was a great deal! Thanks!
  8. Thanks everyone!
  9. There is one on for $89 in moss green.
    Juicy Couture On The Go Baby Bag
    Orig. $135.00
    Now $89.99