Deals Of The Week...

  1. I've been seeing all these great deals from the websites below! And they are this year's colors too!!! Such great deals. If you see a great deal online (NOT including eBay), please post it here and maybe you'll make another PF'er's day!!!:yahoo:


    PART TIME ($1295)
    they are all such great deals!!!

    IVORY (FW 07): US $824.35
    WHITE: US $824.35
    BLACK: US $998.26
    TRUFFLE: US $998.26

    WORK ($1385)

    WHITE: US $998.26

    **Check out their DAY selection too! They range from $780 - $850 (not bad considering they are FW 07 colors!!)

    OCEAN DAY $850.43


    VERT GAZON / GRASS GREEN FIRST for $810 :nuts:

  2. Black day on sale at hurry!!
  3. Diabro has lowered their prices on some items (and it is taking ALL I can do not to purchase a tabax twiggy).

    Mogano First: $867.83

    Tabac City: $954.78


    Tabac Twiggy:love:: $867.83

  4. hey everyone,
    I'm sort of new in researching balenciagas and sites that are reputable. Can anyone confirm that diabro is 110% legit? Also, any suggestions/input in where i can find the best deal would be great (but keep in mind i'd rather pay more to buy it from a place that's totally without a doubt legit (vs.overstock,etc...) I'm leaning towards balenciaga motorcyle bag..... :heart:
  5. ^^^ = 100% authentic Balenciaga bags.
  6. ICB - I like how you posted the retail prices along with the sale prices. Thanks so much!
  7. No prob, K!:yes:
  8. thanks a bunch!!
  9. thanks thanks for the confidence... the prices are so nice :heart: So hard to choose.... Any input would be great. i'm leaning towards the city (is part-time just a little bigger??)...but do like the compact look of the first. For some reason, i'm drawn towards the ocean color...but feel like i should play it safe and get noir or a brownish/or dark blue tone... (any thoughts on the giant city??-- looks nice too but am thinking just stick to the classic design?)
    TIA :heart:
  10. the part-time is wider. personally, i think you need height to rock a part-time, but to each his own. i'm 5'2 and every time i've tried it on it's clear i can't get away with it. even when i saw the bag in vert gazon, which was so, so hard to leave behind.

    ocean is actually a nice isn't black or brown, but still works with a lot of colors. i'm probaly in the minority, but i think GH will be around for awhile. i have a gh naturel brief and i plan on wearing it for years.

    good luck with your purchase!
  11. The First would be great in Ocean blue! And unless you like a big handbag it's big enough. Don't get a safe color, get a color you love.