Deals in Las Vegas

  1. I hope this is an okay place to post this question...I didn't see a better place...

    I live in western Canada and we don't, unfortunately, have Saks or NM's stores here. I am going to be in Vegas in May and wonder if there are any good places to get designer bags/shoes at great prices.

    Any insight is most appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I've discovered that there is a Saks Off 5th in Vegas that I will check out while there.

    Does anyone have any feedback on Off 5th stores?
  3. Well, shopping in Las Vegas is pretty diverse.

    We have a couple outlets Las Vegas Premium Outlets - Includes D&G, Escada, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, A/X, Coach, Nike, Banana Replublic and more.
    Las Vegas Outlet - Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Off Saks Fifth, Calvin Klein.

    Fashion Show Mall - My all time fav. Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth, Macy's, Bally's, Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom,Victoria's Secret, Lucky,Coach,Gap, many more.

    Ceasar's Forum Shops, Bellagio, Wynn, Planet Hollywood - Lots of high end shops. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci,YSL,Hermes,Prada,Tiffany and Co,Escada,etc.

    Check online for shop info, pretty easy to get around. I suggest calling around to see if there will be any sales during the time you come out.

    Good Luck!
  4. I've gotten great deals at Saks Off Fifth, but more for mid-priced brands like Kooba and Cole Haan. Sometimes they have Marc Jacobs. Its hit or miss, but often great for shoes.
  5. I agree - whenever I come to Vegas, I go to the Last Call Neiman's outlet in Primm. I have found Chanel purses there (just went two days ago and they had two Chanel purses and lots of accessories), Gucci bags, and gorgeous other designer bags!
  6. Be sure you check this forum for the coupons they put out almost weekly - can get you another 25-30% off.

    I've purchased Tumi luggage and Marc Jacobs at good prices, but it all seems random when it's there.
  7. Off 5th don't have much good bags, if any, they do have R&R jeans for cheap, nothing to rave about, looks like a hurricane hit the store everytime i go in
  8. As menthioned before there's 2 premium outlets, and in 30 minutes and 1 hour drive has Las Vegas outlet and Primm outlet. /Including Cole Haan, Burberry...many more/ Also in 2 hour way in Barstow /between LA and Vegas/ has huge outlet.