Deals in Europe

  1. Does anyone know if bags/shoes are cheaper in Europe- the country they are made- going to Italy and France this summer and I'm wondering if Gucci,Fendi and Prada are cheaper in Italy than the U.S. and LV and Chloe in France? And all the best shoes made in Italy?Also duty free in airport so that + discount would be amaaazing!!
  2. The great thing about going to Italy is you will see some amazing bags/shoes from brands/designers you have never heard of, but will fall in love with their designs.
  3. my recent experience in Paris says yes the Fendis are cheaper there. The blueberry spy at the Fendi shop in Galleries Lafayette was marked 1475e, which comes to about $1726 once you get the VAT back and do the conversion from dollars to euros. That is a significant savings.
  4. I was kind of wondering the same thing - thanks for the post :smile:
  5. LV is definitely cheaper in France if you can claim the VAT back.
  6. I found the bags to be a little cheaper in Italy, make sure you claim the VAT. Do check out the outlets.
  7. Oh yeah and it was shoes galore when I was in Italy. We saw so many of the same shoes so do price shop.