Deals in Boston

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  1. hello, I'm driving down to Boston next Wednesday from Canada. I wanted to see if any one knows where some great deals are!

    Also, I want to pick up some Louboutins. So ladies from Boston - where would be a good place to shop?
  2. I think it's too late for all the designer sale in Boston now. You might want to visit NM and Saks in Copley or Natick and see if they still have some left. It's funny because I just went back home from Canada :smile:
  3. the coply mall in boston has NM, Saks, Bloomingdales, in the area. Obviously check in with them. The filene's basement in Newton, MA (pain to get to via public transportation) has a lot of great designer stuff ( a ton coming directly from Barneys). Good Luck!
  4. Maybe the Wrentham outlet as well.
  5. Thanks all!!
  6. As an FYI, the Bloomingdale's is actually in Chestnut Hill, a couple of towns over (you'd drive through Brookline and then catch Rt. 9). But there aren't any other dept. stores out there worth going to. You'd be better off hitting the Copley Mall (NM and Saks).

    If you don't mind driving a bit, Natick is about 30 min. south and will have NM and Nordstrom (the Nordstrom in Burlington doesn't carry the higher end stuff).
  7. Thanks! I'm leaving Wednesday. Hopefully everything hasn't been fully picked up in the past few weeks....

    I'll definitely check out saks and nm.

  8. def! there's a theory outlet there!

    there's also a marshall and a tj maxx in downtown (redline T stop). but theyre not very good... TJ is a runway- so its hit or miss!