Deals in Bangkok/ Kuala Lumpur?

  1. I will be visiting Bangkok and KL briefly next week. Anyone knows good places to visit for deals with especially Chloe and Balenciaga bags? I mean the real stuff not the fake. Thanks!
  2. hey, i will be in Hong Kong and Bangkok next week too, i have been to Bangkok several times but I never see any DEALS in designer handbags though....
    it will be good to know :smile:
  3. From what I've seen I'm afraid designer bags in KL are usually quite a bit more in price than what they are in the US. I recently saw some Chloe paddington bags selling for much more than what they were selling for in the US. Also the selection is always rather limited.:sad:
  4. Thanks girls. That's too bad.
  5. Yeah, I agree--I'm from Thailand and the prices are always a good deal higher on designer clothes/bags over than in the states! Also, be careful of fakes, they're known for very convincing ones so if you're looking for the real thing, only shop at malls or the actual boutiques. Have fun!
  6. Bangkok is the most expensive place to buy designer handbags, a part from Japan.

    Malaysia on the other hand is still a little more than the US prices.

    Although, both places are cheap for everything else except designer stuff. Enjoy the food and shopping.
  7. Hun, DO NOT buy designers in Bangkok and in KL as they are pretty pricey. However, I once got a limited edition Dior at the KLIA (KL Int. Airport) while on transit which was sod out in London! And it was a good deal. But seriously, if you want to score nice deal, head over to Singapore (which is 55 mins away from KL by plane) and head over to Orchard Road where you will be in Designer Heaven! Trust me, I've been to Singapore twice this year for my quick fix (of course until the fiance impose a one year handbag ban on me!).

    Check Airasia's website if you wanna travel to Singapore for a day, either from BKK or KL. It's definitely worth it! And you can get your tax back at the airport. :smile: BKK is heaven for cheap stuff from clothes to furniture to foot massage/spa and FOOD, but not designers.
  8. you can boy auth handbag at Emporium and central world and another one one siam ( new shopping mall ) I forget name. planty of beautiful designer shop. But price a lot of more expensive than usa or europe.
    etc. Coach handbag more expensive than usa. if usa 300$ in Bangkok is 400$ something.

    but you can buy some second hand. there
  9. How do the prices in Singapore compare to US prices? I'll be in Singapore and Malaysia (Penang) the last week of June!!!
  10. Bangkok ,at siam paragon have 1 shop sales Ax, chole' , Tod, ferragamo , and another designer sales 50 - 70% but I am not sure there still have or not. near sky train.

    you also go Grayson plasa. there have louis , dior , burberry. some there get tax free if you have ticket or boarding card.
  11. Well the Great Singapore Sale is starting end May and many stores have sales lasting over a month.. It's not rare to find stuff at 70-80% off :smile:
    The one label I wouldn't suggest buying here is Balenciaga, as the bags cost much more than in the US/France.
  12. I live in KL and never bother with buying designer stuff here as they all cost more than US and Europe. Even with the sales, it's not that good unless they go down to 50%-70% discount.

    However KL is great for food.

    Enjoy your trip :smile:
  13. Here's my outlook of designer prices worldwide
    Picture this, and in according to the cheapest country I've been so far for designer stuff

    1. Milan (bought tons of Prada in July for their Winter/Spring collection last year, which was still new in Asia and Australia; and bought tons of LV which was cheaper than in Singapore)
    2. Dubai and Singapore
    3. Paris (only for French goods)
    4. USA (when compared on eluxury and Singaporean prices, USA is cheaper)

    This is all before tax. But yeah, if I could go to Milan again, I would, and it has to be mid of July that's where the current year/season starts eg. Winter/Spring 2007 will be on sale if you go in July 2007. It will still be new collection in most parts of the world.

    Just stay away from Bangkok real deals. However, Zara (Spain brand) is cheaper in Bangkok than in Singapore, but the collection is slow. I do hope this helps. :idea:
  14. Thanks greyballoon and Lalique for the info!!!
  15. Sorry ... bit confused by this post. I am going to both singapore AND bangkok over chrissie/new year. i take it from this thread that singapore is much better than bangkok for designer items. but is singapore still good for prada, miu miu etc. or should i just buy online?
    I am hoping that there will be sales on, plus the aussie dollar is very strong at the moment ...

    many thanks !