Deals at Tod's LaVallee Village ?

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  1. Hi from a new groupie !

    Is it cheaper to buy Tod's in Paris than in the States ?

    Thinking of making a trip to LaVallee Village (outlet village 45minutes from the city) as there is a new Tod's outlet store :P when i get to Paris next week.

    Anyone been there and how do the deals compare with the outlets in the states (i.e. Cabazon, etc.) or HK ? Worth visiting at all ? :smile:

    TIA !
  2. How'd this go? I'm headed there myself in June and would love to know if you scored anything! :smile:
  3. Hi hposnm ! I picked the worst weekend to be in Paris. Unfazed by the continuous rain (i've seen and experienced worse), went to the shuttle service (louvre area) an hour early on Sunday morning (excited much ?). Got all the way to the area only to be told that the village was closed because of the storm and driven back to the city where everything was closed.

    Sadly, this is all i saw of La Valee :cry:

    Would really love to hear about the great deals if you do decide to make the trip :drool: as i will be in the city again in October.

  4. *hugs* I'm so sorry you missed it!

    I'll be sure to keep you posted but I suspect I mightn't be all *that* faithful to Tod's when there. :graucho:
  5. Gosh, i admit to being unfaithful at the CDG airport, too :shame: No Tods and the large le pliages go for like 65 Euros ! i am weak......... :sweatdrop: