Deals at Nordstrom Rack

  1. Was at South Coast Plaza Nordstrom Rack, there were some Gryson handbags for $199, Michael Kors for $299, and a couple of Bally's for about $300 to $400.
  2. I scored a MJ for $199.
  3. :wtf: What kind of MJ?
  4. cool. I might have to go this weekendand check it out
  5. Ack! I want to know too!
  6. Mine had some gorgeous DVF dresses for $120! Too bad they didn't have any in my size.. :sad:
  7. Wow. I'll head over there today.
  8. I'm going to guess it was a bag from the nylon quilted line. Those are the only MJs I've seen at NR for that price.
  9. The last time I went to NR, I got a DVF dress for $79.99, plain black wrap (her most popular one).

    Which MJ bag? So jealous!
  10. and which Gryson bag, please?
  11. Do't know the style name... looks like a cross between shoulder bag and tote, kinda of rectangular in shape. Several different colors, white, black, green.
  12. thanks! running to NR today
  13. It was the heidi, they had a couple at my NR too:yes:!
  14. report: NR in Strling, VA has
    two Gryson Molly bags, in red and tan colors, $170 each, both a bit scratched;
    Gustto black clutch for $70;
    Bulga crescent bag in brown for $190;
    Mulberry shoulder bag with a long fringe for $300; Andrew Marc bronze shoulder bag for $256.
    Also there are still tons of Michael Kors Collegiate bags for around $200 (orig. price is $1k+). HTH!
  15. I was at NR this past weekend. The door sign says new arrival from the main stores of 50% to 75% off, starting July 24.