Dealing with Saint-Louis handles

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  1. Appreciate your sharing
  2. My black St Louis will be two years old next month. Just a few weeks ago I noticed the straps are sticky near the bottom of the strap near the area where they attach to the bag. I haven’t noticed any transfer onto my clothing yet. I used a leather cleaning wipe and that helped a little. It’s finally cooling off here so it seems to be a bit less tacky in the cold weather. I suspect at some point I will have to take it in to Goyard and have the straps changed. While I’m very aware that cracking resin will happen with use and corner wear is also an issue with this bag those are things I can accept as part of the wear and tear on this bag. However this issue is totally a quality control and I really think as Goyard knows about the problem they should replace sticky handles at no charge. It’s bad enough that you have to be without the bag for a number of weeks while it’s out for repair. I also live in a state without a store so I usually shop at the NYC boutique so I’ll have to wait until I’m traveling there to even send it off.
  3. The goyard forum is fraught with posts about poor quality goyards. People need to just stop buying these bags even if they’re cute. Otherwise goyard will never get the message.
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  4. I had probably sent more than 10 over feedbacks regarding the bloody handles!!!